Keep the Spark in Your Long Distance Relationship


Sooner or later many long distance relationships end up hitting that inevitable fork in the road. The point where you have to ask yourself if will you continue working on a romance with so many miles between you or if you will you go your separate ways and wish each other the best? Do you go on another couple of months and wait for the “spark” to return or do you keep venturing on your search for someone new.  Sadly this is a problem that has plagued long distance relationships since the invention of long distance relationships but LUCKY for you I know how to fix it!


You have heard all of her stories. She has heard all of yours (although in yours you were a bigger stud, better athlete, and far richer than in real life but who says we can’t embellish now and then?). She asks you about your day and you ask about hers. You talk about your workday and your pain in the butt boss and she complains about her female coworker who was once her friend but is now trying to ruin her and take credit for her work (a complaint shared by 98% of women ever living anywhere in the world).You know she likes the color blue, hates relish, once wanted to be an actress and likes 80’s hair band heavy metal music …. now what? You, my friend are in a relationship rut. During the initial excitement of meeting someone we are flooded with a fury of emotions. We want to learn all about them, think about them often, wonder what they’re doing at random moments of the day. Your body is firing off feelings you haven’t felt in who knows how long and you never want it to end … and it doesn’t have to! In those early days of your relationship you were in the learning stage. Everything was new and you couldn’t wait to hear what was going to come out of her mouth yet. Conversations were flirty, passionate and well … fun. Who says they can’t still be?

At the beginning of your courtship you were happily sharing new experiences, possibly learning about her country, (I certainly hope you take the opportunity to learn more about where your lady love comes from if you do in fact ever plan on getting serious with her) learning to speak her language a little while trying to teach her some of yours. You sent random pictures to let her get to know you and she shared pictures of her apartment, the people in her neighborhood, her pets and so on. You LOVED getting to know her and letting her in on your world … until it felt like you had nothing new to share with her. The second you stop sharing those new experiences together and the flirting and anticipation of that next phone call turns into a routine “check in” done more out of habit than love, you can almost set a timer on your love. The good news is there is a simple solution.


So here’s the part where I blow you away with a tip so amazing you will ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that” … so here it is … DO SOMETHING! You see if you aren’t doing something then you are in fact doing nothing (thanks for the lesson Dad!) and if a relationship where you are living in the same house takes work then just think of what you should put into your long distance relationship. According to recent research a growing segment of American men over the age of 30 actually PREFER long distance relationships when looking for real, true love? Why is that? The distance between you may seem like a constant reminder of how far away your lapochka (look it up) is but think of the benefits that distance can bring to your budding relationship. You can now share experiences with your significant other in ways that you probably wouldn’t think of if she was a few miles away from you while sharing in new experiences. There is no right or wrong way to do this … each situation and relationship is different but as long as you are looking for new things you can do and share in together you are increasing your chances of dating success. For example:

1. Have a competition to learn a song, story, recite a poem, etc in each others native tongue. The first one to successfully complete the challenge earns a fun, low cost (or no cost) predetermined prize of their choosing.

2. Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? Ok so I admit this one may sound childish but when is the last time you took part in a scavenger hunt? Come up with a list of things you have to find and then “selfie” in front of said item. It’s a great way to have a little light hearted fun plus you get lots of pictures to show off to your buddies of your hot girlfriend.

3. Have a video date. Did you know that Dream-Marriage offers video chat as one of our services? Letters emails and phone calls are great but what could be better than having a video chat so you can see her laugh, smile and blush in real time? This one is a no brainer and has been instrumental in taking couples from the “middling” stages to the next level on more than one occasion.

4. Meet her in real life. Sometimes it isn’t boredom that dooms a relationship … it can be the realization that you may never see each other again (or in this case meet in the first place). Have you thought about visiting another country? Would you like to experience the cities, climate and people firsthand while immersing yourself in the culture? It’s probably more likely that the thought of that first kiss was almost enough to make you want to swim to your sweetie but whatever the reason what are you waiting for? Schedule a trip and see if those sparks you feel whenever you talk to her online are just as sparky when you meet in real life.

So that’s it. Will my solutions work for everyone? No. Will these scenarios apply to all couples? No. Do I ask myself a lot of questions and overuse parenthesis? Yes! Look it’s entirely possible that the luster has worn off your relationship because that strong attraction you felt when you first saw her has waned as you have gotten to know her and that’s ok. Sometimes things don’t work out for whatever reason but that doesn’t mean your search should come to a frustrating end. We have been creating marriages and long lasting relationship worldwide for over 11 years and while I don’t like to brag (ha ha) I have to admit we are pretty darn good at it. Keep looking and sending emails and with our expansive, ever growing database of beautiful ladies you are bound to find your next love right here on Dream-Marriage.

Become More Desirable (in under 10 minutes!)

Darina-May16_single Russian brides

Okay so I admit the title of this blog may be a little misleading but there is no reason why you couldn’t follow these steps and become a “chick magnet” by the end of the day. With the staggering amount of gorgeous women on Dream-Marriage you are bound to ask yourself how to make yourself more desirable to these luscious ladies. There are a number of simple, common sense actions you can take that will not only make you a “catch” for beautiful Russian women but for women from any country in the world! Here are a few of our top suggestions cultivated from over 10 years of international matchmaking.

Ooze Confidence

There is a reason that women like bad boys. It isn’t for their leather jackets, slicked hair or motorcycles (John Stamos) either, the truth is confidence is sexy and for some women it is THE most important thing when choosing a partner. Ladies like a man who is self-assured because it makes them feel like he is worth their attention and they also feel protected and safe. Not confident? Don’t fret because although confidence is something that some are born with it is 100% a skill that can be learned, developed and refined over time. Think of it like the first time you got behind the wheel of a car. The nervousness and lack of confidence you felt were soon replaced by confidence (maybe even overconfidence) as you practiced and got more comfortable driving. Make a commitment to cultivating a more confident attitude, and you will find that you benefit when it comes to Russian dating, and other areas, as well.

Pick Your Picture

If you have perused our testimonials then you may have noticed you don’t have to have a full head of hair or a rock hard body to attract a Russian girl. Most Russian and Ukrainian women are drawn to a man who can demonstrate positive qualities like a caring nature, an adventuring spirit, a sense of humor and a good attitude. Sure you may type out a 4 page description of yourself in your “about me” on your profile but is your profile picture that a woman will see first. If your profile picture your profile picture does not make the right first impression a woman will be less inclined to click on your profile making your well thought out profile description superfluous. Head to your favorite barber and freshen up your haircut and style. Put on clothing that is clean, ironed (can’t believe I even have to say that but I do), looks good on you and makes you feel confident. Where you take your picture is important as well. If there is clutter and mess littering the background the viewers focus will be taken off of you and instead try to investigate the rest of the photo. The best pictures are taken in warm, natural light with an uncluttered background and with you in some sort of action shot (please, please, please not a selfie). Most importantly … smile! It makes you look more friendly and approachable because no woman wants to date a scowling, angry man.

Get Out There

You know all of those outrageously sexy women you see when going through profiles? Why not take some initiative and message the ones who intrigue you. Overcoming a fear of rejection is part of your path to confidence and if one woman isn’t interested there are bound to be several others who are. If you are looking for something that can develop into a long term relationship and marriage do yourself a favor and don’t pick based on looks alone. Sure your hot Russian bride could turn out to be the girl of your deams but if you pick on looks alone you are both bound to be disappointed down the road. Find women who share the same values you do and take the time to read about them. If you don’t want children and the woman you are messaging has 2 childen that will probably be a match that is doomed from day one. Take your time to search and find women you are attracted to beyond physical appearance and then see where Dream-Marriage takes you.
Will these tips work every time with every lady? Of course not; there is no guarantee that the women will come screaming in hysterics like you are Justin Bieber but there is NO WAY these tip will hurt. Get some confidence, post a picture that entices the ladies and put yourself out there and find your ideal partner. Who knows you may even be ½ of the next smiling couple we see on our testimonial page.

What’s Up With the Short Letters?

“I write long letters, pouring out my heart and soul to her yet when she writes back, it’s like she’s holding back. Why aren’t her letters like mine?”

So you threw all caution to the wind and decided to bear your soul to some special lady you met on our online dating network? Good for you, transparency is a trait in men that women of all walks of life respect and admire. If what irks you is the fact that she responded with a comparably shorter letter, consider yourself lucky. More oft than not, it is the response time that can wear a man’s nerves thin. “Did I scare her away? Did I tell her too much?”

In your case, you got a response, but it wasn’t the one you were expecting. The letter could have been short and sweet, but the fact that she didn’t fill up a journal has ticked you off a bit. Your reaction is perfectly natural. Having unloaded a bunch of emotional baggage, it’s only human to yearn for some sort of reciprocation to even out the playing field that is international dating. Before you go jumping to conclusions, there are a few things you should consider first:

It is difficult enough as is to build the fortitude to approach a woman you genuinely having feelings for, but when you throw in the dreaded language barrier, things can only get awkward. Although the Dream-Marriage online dating network has been retrofitted with state-of-the-art translation software, there are certain terms and words that will get lost in translation. Basically, no matter how evolved the tech, there are going to be some slang words that will slip through the cracks and make for some quirky exchanges. Speak plainly.

Are you questions too personal? Not everyone moves at the same speed when it comes to going through the paces of building a relationship. Messaging should not be a practice in interrogation. This isn’t Guantanamo Bay nor is this Spanish Inquisition. Drilling her with too many questions that burrow too deep can be misinterpreted as prying. Keep in mind, aside from a few mail correspondences you two have never met each other in person. You might as well ask her for credit card information by trying to dig into her deepest secrets.

The same can be said for volunteering what the internet has colloquially termed “T.M.I” or “too much information” – there really is such a thing. Don’t confuse sharing personal information with a turning your communiques into a confessional.

The same goes for sending racy pictures or yourself or lewd comments. Definitely do not expect any self-respecting Russian woman with any sort of values to cater to that behavior. Online dating should be approached the same way you would a woman in the flesh, up-close and personal. Before you drop that “witty” pick-up line your buddy dared you to say, imagine to yourself, “would she turn red with blush or fury?” Although she can’t slap or kiss you in person, your choice of words will be the difference between a future with her or having to look for the next one.

Granted, the world is not exactly flush with wealth. Pinching a penny here and there is completely understandable and, in certain situations, necessary. However, when it comes to online dating and messaging, trying to cram as many questions into one communique to save money may just back fire on you. The girl on the other end has no idea how much you are spending on messages. That is really none of her concern, but the fact that you are rifling away questions may come off as someone trying to take things too fast, which touches upon the previous two points.

Enough of the don’ts. How about some positives. Take things slow. Here are some tips to get the most out of your letter writing:

  • Take it slow. Don’t even think about discussing anything sexual within the first couple messages of online dating. Contrary to what many skeptics may think, Dream-Marriage is not that sort of site. Any members, who think otherwise and behave crudely, will be rooted out and banned.
  • Speak plainly. Although most of the single Russian women registered on the Dream-Marriage online dating network are above average intelligence, their English is not what one would consider fluid. As mentioned above, our translation software is fundamental, but is not equipped to keep up with slang and figures of speech.
  • Separate letters that contain lengthy descriptions, poems, or thoughts; from letters with important questions and information of which you want a direct response.

That pretty much sums it up. The rest is feeling the situation out for yourself and using your better judgment. Remember that we are here for you if you need us. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.

What the heck is a Mailorder Bride?


International Dating VS. Mailorder Bride

One of the most commonly used terms in regards to international dating is “mail order bride”. While this term is offensive to anyone who has ever actually met, courted and then married someone from another country it is also commonly used within the industry to describe international dating. So while the term mail order bride is in fact considered outdated and offensive it is also tossed around within our own industry for branding and recognition purposes. Confused yet? There is no such thing as a mail order bride. There is no service that exists where you can order a bride online or from a magazine and have her shipped to your door like an Amazon prime package (don’t forget air holes!).

A Brief History

The term mail order bride was first widely used in the US back in the 1800s when men who had found financial success on the frontier but were otherwise lonely began placing “lonely heart” ads in church bulletins, newspapers and magazines across the country looking for a woman to join them. The man and woman would correspond via letter only until the woman agreed to marry a man she never met. It wasn’t until decades later that men began looking outside of the US for their “mail order brides” thus forever changing the way people think about international dating. In a nutshell we created this industry in the early days of the US and helped develop and mold it into its current state of state of the art websites, 2 way audio/video chat etc.

Russia and Ukraine

            One of the most common questions we hear is “why are these women single if they’re so hot?” to which I reply …. GOOD QUESTION! Just browsing through the pages and pages of glamorous beauties on Dream-Marriage would make anyone wonder just how in the world these women are still searching for a significant other. According to recent research a full 52 percent of Russia’s workforce is made up of women, yet they earn 43 percent of what men do in a similar position. Finding a foreign husband gives a woman a chance to leave her country and find better economic opportunities. With over 4 MILLION more women than men from the ages of 15 to 64, marriage opportunities are slim at home and worsened by the life expectancy difference between men (64 years) and women (73 years). When you factor these things together it makes sense that these smoking hot women would prefer to look outside of their country where they have a better chance to thrive both professionally and in love.

Does it Make Sense Now?

No matter what you call it international dating is here to stay. From humble beginnings in church bulletins and sparsely distributed newspapers to the high tech digital world we live in today, it has never been easier to meet and find your dream match. They may not show up in the mail but these very real women are looking for love and are as close as your fingertips. Happy searching!

10 Years of Turning Dreams into Reality

Is Your Profile Working For you?

When it comes to online dating your profile is your “advertisement” to prospective partners. Even on an International dating website like (where women outnumber men 5 to 1) or a domestic dating service, if you don’t put time, effort and energy into your profile you probably won’t get the response you are looking for. For the sake of this article we will break a profile into 2 sections (the visual and the content) and discuss some of the ways to improve your dating profile (and chances of finding JUST what you’re looking for).


While various studies have been conducted proving that women react less to visual stimulation than their male counterpoints this is an area that should simply not be overlooked. Your profile picture is the first thing that most people see while looking at a profile so shouldn’t you make sure that yours is the best possible representation of you?
• If you don’t have a picture on your profile ADD ONE NOW! Most people search profiles with pictures only so failing to add one to you profile could eliminate you from the majority of searches being conducted.
• Make sure your picture is in focus, clear and of just you (no kids, friends … or ex-girlfriends please). You should be the star of your own dating profile and nothing is more confusing than trying to figure out just which person in the picture has posted the profile.
• Is your favorite outfit your old high school football jersey and frayed sweatpants? Great! While it sounds like a very comfortable way to lounge around the house is that how you want to make a first impression? It doesn’t matter if the woman you are trying to attract is Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, American or from Mars …. She wants to see you in something that represents you at your best. I’m not advising you to rent a tuxedo and get glamour shots taken but there is no reason you can’t put on a pair of clean jeans and a polo shirt for your pic.
• Smile in your picture. I will say that again for maximum impact, smile in your picture! Brooding, angry, mysterious glares work great for teenage vampires and rock stars but if you are neither of those then give up the “mean mugging” and put on a happy face. A smile conveys warmth, compassion, a sense of humor and according to research can awaken feelings of familiarity to complete strangers. You would smile if you met one of these beauties on the street so think of your completed profile as your smiling, approachable wingman working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


This is the area that most people seem to have a problem with when they are complaining about either a lack of responses or the wrong kind of responses on their dating profile. While a missing or confusing picture is easy enough to fix, the content of the profile is an entirely different animal.
• Write something … yeah I get it, it’s difficult to write about yourself but you HAVE to do it. Writing “I’ll do this later”, “I don’t know what to write here”, “contact me to learn more”, etc. may say you a lot of time completing your profile but it will also save you a lot of time responding to emails (because there won’t be any to respond to). Give a little information about yourself to break the ice, initiate conversation topics or weed out potential bad matches. Women want a general idea of the man they are writing to so discuss those hobbies, passions and projects you’re working on and watch the difference in emails you receive.
• Write in full, proper English. Text/web talk and slang is ok for communicating with your buddies but why oh why would you use it in an International dating profile? Many of these women DO speak and write English but they are not familiar with shorthand abbreviations or slang that is commonly used in America. Not only does it cause communication barriers but it screams of immaturity. Instead of asking her to “holla atcha boi” why not ask her to “write me back if you are interested”? The message is the same but one is much easier to decipher.
• This last one really should go without saying but I have seen it so much that it is worth discussing here. Do you hate your ex wife or girlfriend? Tell it to your friends, your family, your co-workers or your counselor but DO NOT under any circumstances mention it on your profile. Complaining about your ex in your profile could convince potential mates you are not over that ex or even worse that you are carrying too much emotional baggage. Be positive on your profile and you will get positive results in return.

10 Years of Turning Dreams into Reality

Dream Marriage Love Stories: Natalia and Michael

This week’s highlight stems from a slice of life taken just two weeks ago at the end May 2014. Here to share the tale of her first face-to-face with her online beau is Tatiana P. of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine:

“To feel tender look into my eyes! What can be better? I’m happy! It is the most precious feeling I have ever had! Thanks Dream Marriage for this wonderful meeting!”

Tatiana and Michael

There is no mention of when these two met, but time at this point, the time lapsed is mute as their future is fully ahead of them. I’m sure I speak for everyone in the Dream Marriage international dating community when I say we all wish Tatiana and Michael nothing but the best as they forge their future together. From the sound of her written testimonial, Tatiana is already relishing her choice to give Dream Marriage a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions:
“Why do Russian brides look outside their country for husbands?”

You can read the rest of Tatiana’s love story by clicking the cute couple’s photo. There are also more inspiring tales of long distance relationships  turned dreams-manifest in the Love Stories section of the Dream Marriage online dating network. If you have a tale of your own, we would love to  hear it and, if you are open to it, share with the rest of the Dream Marriage international dating community. Just private message your story to us on Facebook.

10 Years of Turning Dreams into Reality

Russian Bride of the Day, Anastasia of Kherson

Yes, as is the case with most good things, that streak of girls hailing from Dnepropetrovsk has come to an end. However, today’s featured single is definitely well worth the disruption. Dreamers, meet Анастасия:

“I prefer to achieve my goals. And I will do my best always! My most desirable dream is to meet my man. I cannot live without my special one. I am in my search now and I hope I will find you soon.”

The lovely creature presented before you today is a Saggitarius from another stop along the way, Kherson. If you’re not into the whole astrological thing, Anastasia is a 25 year old operations manager of a beauty salon.

“It’s a pity that I have never been abroad, but I hope we can discover this world together! What do you think?”

Although she has never left the Ukrainian borders, she dreams of one day filling up her passport with stamps from around the world. In the meantime, she enjoys road tripping to the coasts of the Black Sea in the summer. Here’s hoping she finds a suitable travel buddy in the Dream Marriage international dating community.

What’s In A Name:

You can learn more about our 5’7 raven-haired Russian bride with emerald green eyes by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Just click either of the photos in this post and you should be redirected. You can also use her ID number 2457457 to narrow your search just as well. If you’re in need of ice breaker or something to talk about, I’d say your best bet is travel. Good luck!

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Avoiding Social Faux-Pas In Russian Speaking Countries

Two silhouetted businessmen shaking hands, forming tech partnership
Just as each nation has its own set of cultural taboos, it also has one of social faux-pas. When writing or chatting with a Russian woman it is best to not admit to certain behaviors you may engage in at home and certainly consider changing them if you and she begin to get serious. It goes without saying that if you should travel to meet her or her loved ones that you avoid engaging in them altogether while in her country.

First of all, men are expected to, well, look like Russian-speaking men. In conservative countries like the Ukraine, this means no braided or dreadlock hair, earrings, or nail polish. You are also expected not to look or act cocky, like a gang-banger or tough guy by wearing dark glasses indoors in public buildings; baring your chest; displaying tattoos; smoking cigarettes; chewing tobacco; drinking out of bottles or tin cans; pulling out your pocket knife; spitting; blasting your boom box; or even whistling when walking around outside.

do not feed the animalsAll grooming belongs out of sight, done before you leave home, or at least not until you get inside a restroom. This includes brushing your hair, your teeth, and cleaning or trimming your fingernails. It goes without saying that you don’t leave a restroom without flushing the toliet.

Animal lovers need to refrain from feeding birds, stray cats and dogs, or even your own four legged friend when within public view. You also should walk pets on side streets and avoid ones with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Humans don’t get much open kindness either if they are begging as it is not proper to give them food or drink nor should you panhandle either.

Streets are for getting where you are going. They are not for dancing (except in a designated area during a particular event), hitchhiking, jaywalking, littering, putting out your cigarette butt, stopping to hug your girlfriend, skating on the sidewalk, strolling barefoot, or pulling out your graffiti marker and leaving your mark on a building or wall.

While it may be cool to dress in camouflage or like you are a citizen cop in the United States, it is not in Russian speaking countries. Even If you have the mafia out after you, you don’t wear a bullet proof vest. Walkie talkies are definitely out of the question.

“Dressing To Impress Your Russian Woman”

Other public ‘no-nos’ include preaching religion, taking photographs of strangers, bridges, or off-limit buildings, using binoculars (except in appropriate event settings) or summoning taxis by sticking out your thumb like you are hitchhiking.

When in a restaurant, do not attempt to get the waiter or waitresses’ attention by whistling. Tip within standard limits, not overtipping or undertipping.

Both women and elders are to be respected. This includes not striding in front of your girlfriend or female colleague so she appears to be meekly following behind. When speaking with elders, remove your cap, and do not stand with your hands on your hips like you are about to talk back to them. Asking either a woman or a senior their age is impolite.

When getting together with others, don’t use a two handed handshake and only offer it in greeting, not when saying goodbye. Don’t touch other body parts or put your hand in their hair. Slapping a bottom would be particularly offensive. If the person has a title don’t address them solely by such as “hey, doctor”. Don’t take your feet off the ground to where the sole of your shoe can be seen or stand close when talking. If you have been invited to their home do not take your shoes off when entering or sit on their floor. When seated, don’t wiggle around as if you are uncomfortable or can’t wait to leave or use a table as your footrest. Oh yes, and remove that gum from your mouth. You can talk politics, but stay away from religion.

Gestures which are fine back at home are inappropriate or have a different meaning in Russian speaking countries. Therefore do not fingerpoint, give sly winks, make ‘V for Victory’ signs with your fingers, tip your head to indicate someone is crazy or beckon someone with your index finger extended.

Perhaps two words which will serve as general guidelines in avoiding faux-pas are ‘proper’ and ‘formal’. With them in mind, you are likely to demonstrate good social graces in Russian speaking countries.

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Vladlena of Dnepropetrovsk, our Russian Bride of the Day

So far this week, the oblast of Dnepropetrovsk has dominated two of our last three headlines. Here to keep that streak going is today’s featured single Владлена:

“With all these qualities I am a dreamer, who believes that miracles still occur in our life…Actually, I enjoy many things in life and I try to be positive to them all.” 

It is that kind of positively charged energy that separates one pretty face from the next. At just 27 years of age, Vladlena still has the spunk of a 19 year old, citing dancing as her ultimate passion - “Nobody on the face of this ear can stop my from moving my feet to the music. That would be like trying to stop a natural disaster.” - whoa, see what I mean!?

What’s In A Name:

That excerpt alone should tell you Vladlena not only has a way with words, but also a way about  her. Blessed with the dreamiest emerald green eyes, you’re absolutely helpless in her gaze as her zest for life consumes you. Our raven black-haired Russian bride-to-be also happens to speak English fairly well to boot.

Mingle With Singles Using Voice Chat

You’d never guess either, but Vladlena is an engineer – even more reason not to judge a book by its cover. Speaking of which, it’s about time you dug deeper than this blog post and discover more about Vladlena. Click either of the photos in this post and you will be redirected to her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network.


Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day, Julia of Dnepropetrovsk

Today’s featured single is a class act from the Ukrainian oblast of Dnepropetrovsk. Dreamers, meet the Dream Marriage Russian Bride of the Day Юлия:

“I am cheerful young lady who is ready for serious relations. I like to smile and laugh all the time!I think life is too short to spend it boring.”

Don’t let the smart glasses fool you. Julia is a fun-loving girl, who is madly in love with sports. Don’t get me wrong either. She is quite the intellectual too. To earn her way through college, Julia has made some decent money as a tutor.

What’s In A Name:

Our soon-t0-be 24 year old Bride of the Day is quite the physical specimen. Both athletic and effeminate, Julia is a 5’9 blonde bombshell who is just as comfortable wearing a cocktail dress as she is in golfer gear. From the sound of her profile, Julia is the ideal girl for someone, who enjoys living an active life. In fact, that is exactyl what she is looking for in a potential suitor.

Looks alone, Julia is every guy’s type, but it is her interests and hobbies that really make her especially unique. You learn more about today’s featured single by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. By simply clicking either of the photos included in this post, you should be automatically redirected over to her page.

NOTE: Only registered members can access profile pages on Dream Marriage. For those of you not already registered, just click the banner below and follow those three easy steps.