They’re Ready For Summer … Are You?

It seems like Spring just started a few weeks ago yet all I can think about is counting down the days until Summer. While I have usually dreaded the season for the skyrocketing temperatures (don’t blame me I lived in Las Vegas), I am uncharacteristically excited this year for one reason and one reason only. Why? Well unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months then you are already on pins and needles for the upcoming DreamMarriage Romance Tour! If you missed my last blog we already covered the list of events sure to keep you excited and delighted while in Ukraine so to quote Tom Cruise in the highly overrated Jerry Maguire, “all I want to know is … who’s coming with me? I could literally go on and on talking about the trip but check out the promo video below and tell me what you think.

Surely this all inclusive trip is going to be the stuff of legend and missing out will only have you waiting another year, cursing yourself for the wasted opportunity. If the romantic picnic and FREE translation services aren’t enough to entice you then 3 dates with the ladies of YOUR choice should be enough to have you swimming to Ukraine as we speak. If you have been on the fence about going on the trip or not then it’s time you make the decision to do something nice for yourself this Summer and give yourself the gift of an unforgettable adventure.


Get Lost in Love This Summer with Dream-Marriage

2015-04-01_1447WARNING: Whatever plans, vacations, work trips, cruises, hot air balloon rides, archaeological digs, boy band reunions or elective surgeries you have planned for this summer should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY.

Remember summer vacation when you were a kid? Mine were mostly uneventful affairs filled with very little travel or adventure. The first day of school the teacher would inevitably have us all get up in front of the class and describe what we did for our summer vacation and the kid with the coolest story was like a mini celebrity for the day. I remember feeling “less than” because while other kids went to strange and exotic places (or at the very least traveled further than 20 miles from their home) I had to report that my summer was … well … boring.

Now I am an adult and summers have taken on a different meaning to me. Living in Las Vegas it meant that it would soon be approaching 250 degrees outside (at least it felt like 250 degrees) but summer has not really excited me since I was a child until now. It is with great pleasure I announce that Dream-Marriage will be hosting an all inclusive trip to Kiev, Ukraine this summer! For any of you who have said that you want to date one of these beauties in person now is your chance to do just that and of course since this is a Dream-Marriage trip you can trust that we have planned a first rate trip.

  • Upon your arrival in Kiev, you will be greeted at the airport by our friendly staff and whisked away to one of the finest hotels in Kiev.
  • The next day, get ready to meet, wine and dine the most gorgeous ladies in Ukraine at our Singles Banquet (Stunning ladies eager to meet you and make connections, exquisite cuisine, an amazing location and even entertainment … you are sure to have the time of your life!)
  • The following day, get ready for another exclusive matchmaking event – the DM Romantic Picnic! This fully catered event will be filled with beautiful women, summer fun, entertainment and relaxation.
  • And of course what romance tour would be complete without a date? Well what if I told you that you (yes YOU) would go on not one, not two but THREE dates with the ladies of your choice? To top it off Dream-Marriage is also throwing in translation services free of charge and who knows …. One of those dates may just end up being the “one”.

This is that moment of truth. Are you going to join us on what could be a life changing trip to Ukraine or are you going to have another so-so summer? Will you meet more beautiful women in a week than you have met in the last 10 years or will you stick to your routine and hang out at home? You have already taken the first step. You have read this blog (maybe even re-read?), pictured it in your head and perhaps even thought about the THREE LADIES you would be going on dates with during your trip. Book your trip now and come next September when someone asks you what you did for the summer you will be able to tell them you took the trip of a lifetime. Sure it may not have the same effect without a classroom full of kids but I promise you will still have the coolest story in class (or the office). See you in Ukraine!


DO NOT Forget March 8th … For Any Reason!

0004d0b59e19461ff126e3a08a814c33International Women’s Day is March 8th!
It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about Valentine’s Day and giving tips on how to show your special woman that you care. With Valentines now a distant memory I have to ask …. What do you have planned for International Women’s Day (IWD)? Wait … you ARE familiar with International Women’s Day aren’t you? Before you decide to skip this article thinking this is just another “frilly” Holiday created by greeting card companies you should know that IWD dates back over 100 years, is recognized by the UN and is a national holiday in Russia (meaning no work because everything is closed) …. So yeah it’s a pretty big deal.

International Women’s Day is a time when women all over the world are recognized for their previous struggles and their achievements. The day seeks to remind everyone that women have untapped and potentially limitless potential that should be celebrated and encouraged regardless of nationality, ethnic groups, language and economic or political background. While it is 100% possible you have never heard of this day before it is Mother’s Day, mixed with Valentine’s Day and perhaps one of the most celebrated and highly anticipated days of the year in Russia and Eastern Europe. Dating back to 1909 (wow!) International Women’s Day has been recognized by the United Nations since 1975 and is an official public holiday in Russia. Part of what makes Women’s Day so important is that it celebrates all women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends.

How to Celebrate
Let’s face it …. I have written about several Russian Holidays and they all involve food and this one is no different. International Women’s Day is most often celebrated with a festive meal and champagne surrounded by friends and/or family. Men and women give flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other sweet gifts to the important women in their life. Some (smart) Russian men see it as their duty to undertake all household duties on this day—starting with washing dishes and ending with cooking dinner and looking after children, so that women can enjoy a full day of rest. Sure it may be a little chauvinistic to assume that cooking, cleaning and looking after children is a “woman’s” duty but trust me that 0% of women will complain from this heartfelt gesture.

Since the IWD is a non-working day in Russia, office workers will often celebrate it just the day before the holiday. In companies and organizations, all women will receive flowers and small memorable gifts from their male coworkers and, sometimes, from the employers themselves. Do you see the theme here? Women are spoiled and pampered by their families, friends, coworkers and possibly even employers so you understand why you CANNOT forget about this day right? Next to an anniversary or birthday there should be no more important date in your memory bank then March 8th and much like a court of law, ignorance is not a valid or acceptable excuse.

What Do You Do?
First it was Christmas, and then it was New Years (twice), next was Valentines Day and now this? Look I hear you … it’s basically the perfect storm of Holidays in less than 2 months and it can be a nightmare trying to think of gifts for your beauty, especially of you are gift-givingly challenged like I am. The key for IWD is heartfelt. They will be receiving gifts all day from people in their life but chances are they will be most excited to see what they get from you. Poetry from the heart, a bottle of their favorite perfume, flowers that match her eyes …. Something personal to her that shows her you love her beauty inside as well as out and you cherish having her in your life. Luckily we have made it easier than ever with our Holiday Gift catalog (just click the gift icon under your special ladies profile) to ensure that your attempt at heartfelt sentiment doesn’t end up being a salad spinner (true story). There is no International Men’s Day (I propose the day after the Super Bowl) and until there is it is our duty to make the women in our life feel as special as possible on March 8th. Remember the brownie points earned on that one day can payoff for years to come.


Are You Ready For Valentines Day? She Sure Is!

Valentines BlogIt’s February (almost) and any guy who is in a relationship, has been in a relationship or hasn’t been living under a rock knows what’s coming up … Valentine’s Day. While you may feel like Valentine’s Day is not a big deal you can rest assured that your special sweetheart does not share that sentiment. Look I have been there … they tell that you shouldn’t need a designated day to treat your significant other special and being the guys we are we take those words at face value (big mistake). Regardless of who created Valentine’s Day (cough, Hallmark) it’s the perfect opportunity to show your lady how much you care and more importantly giving her something to brag about to her girlfriends.

Valentine’s Day in Russia is a wonderful opportunity to share your true feelings with the one you love. Any gift that expresses love and care for your sweetheart will be very well received so don’t think you need to break the bank or even spend money at all. Heartfelt poetry, letters and things from the heart are always a hit yet some men have expressed reservations about pouring their heart out in written words. If you are anything like me the beautiful thoughts in your head don’t quite translate to the page and you spend more time looking for a word that rhymes with “gorgeous” than you do anything else.

So when unleashing your inner Shakespeare doesn’t work what’s left to do? Flower giving is a common practice in Russia but unlike in the states they are … wait for it … APPRECIATED. Giving flowers to acknowledge special occasions and holidays is considered one of the most romantic gestures in Russian culture and will earn major brownie points. To really send her over the moon flowers and a box of her favorite candy (usually chocolates) are always your best bet. Romantic dinners are also very popular in Russia on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s homemade by candlelight dinner or at a fancy restaurant. “But hold on” you say … “how can I have a romantic dinner with her when she is x miles away?” Great question and I have you covered. Thanks to the magic of technology you and your sweetheart can share the romantic dinner of your choosing with our video chat.

Listen it’s not brain science. Women want the same thing no matter if they are here, Russia, Spain or the planet formerly known as Pluto. They want to be loved, they want to be cared for and they want a little something to show off to their friends to prove they are loved and cared for (#truth). Like I said it doesn’t have to cost a lot (or any) money but it absolutely should come from your heart if you have any desire to keep hers!


Get to Know: Russian Orthodox Christmas

im3147928_2After New Years most of us in the states are feeling the “Holiday Hangover”. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve occurring within weeks of each other, January usually means nervously awaiting credit card bills while anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl (at least in my house). So what’s the next holiday on our list? If you said Valentines day you are technically correct … unless of course you have a Russian sweetheart who will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow January 7th.  While the meaning of Christmas remains the same between the two countries the methods in which they are celebrated are quite different.

New Years and THEN Christmas?

Wait a second, didn’t I just write a New Years blog last week? Very astute observation my friend and you are correct, Russian New Years does in fact occur before Orthodox Christmas. When the Soviet Union fell in 1992  January 7th became an official national holiday as part of the ten day holiday to start the new year. The reason why the date is different from our Christmas (December 25th for anyone who is unfamiliar) is because the Russian Orthodox use the older Julian calendar.

How is Christmas Celebrated?

As faithful readers of the blog you are aware that New Years is the time to exchange gifts, feast with family and friends and to anticipate the arrival of Grandfather Frost and his beautiful granddaughter. Christmas is celebrated in a number of ways but you can rest assured that your lady will enjoy a feast at some point. Some people fast on Christmas Eve, until the first star has appeared in the sky and some others do not eat any meat or fish at all during the Christmas Eve feast instead preparing vegetarian options. People then eat ‘sochivo’ or ‘kutia’ a porridge made from wheat or rice served with honey, poppy seeds, fruit, chopped walnuts or sometimes even fruit jellies (Pro Tip: the Russian word for Christmas Eve ‘sochelnik’, comes from the word ‘sochivo’). This meal is sometimes eaten from a common bowl to symbolize unity and togetherness. Prayer may follow the meal followed by midnight church services with the family.

Show Her You Care

It is refreshing to witness a Christmas that isn’t lost in the mass commercialism that runs rampant this time of year. Your beauty is undoubtedly looking forward to spending Christmas with her family and hearing from friends and loved ones (you). Send her a message (or live chat with her) and wish her a Merry Christmas, ask her what she’s having for dinner and wish her good luck throughout the year. The only presents she wants are the gifts of love and companionship.

By The Way: In Russian Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘s rah-zh-dee-st-VOHM’ (C рождеством!) or ‘s-schah-st-lee-vah-vah rah-zh dee-st-vah’ (Счастливого рождества!)

Happy “New” New Years!!???

21be9a4bd4f81549a9d1d241981cec3cGuys if your lady love seems a little giddy this week you may find yourself a bit confused. With Christmas a few days behind us what could she possibly be so excited about and how can you join in? To the uninformed (me before joining the Dream Team) you may believe that your sweetie has now changed her holiday focus and is now anticipating a romantic Valentines day but of course that would most likely be wrong. It may be surprising to learn that in Russia New Years is actually their most popular holiday and is a 5 day event in which most Russians enjoy time off from work while celebrating in style. There are indeed some similarities between the way New Years is celebrated in the US and Russia but there are many differences as well. First things first …. Go ahead and drag the Christmas tree back inside the house from the curb because in Russia it’s a New Years tree and your celebration is naked without one.

Which New Year is It?

There are 2 separate New Years Holidays celebrated in Russia within close proximity to each other. For westerners this concept is indeed a little difficult to grasp in the beginning because … well how can the year start twice? The truth is most celebrations occur on December 31st/January 1st and are marked with fireworks and concerts (with any luck featuring Bianka or these ladies ). This New Year holiday is considered the “New” New Year because it began to be recognized after Russia made the switch from the Julian calendar (still recognized by the Orthodox Church) to the Gregorian calendar followed by the West. Christmas follows “New” New Years followed by “Old New Years” a few days later on January 14th… make sense? This “Old New Year” is usually spent with family and is generally quieter than the New Year celebrated on January 1st.

Santa Who?

We all know the story of Jolly old Saint Nick gleefully lording over a horde of elf slaves volunteers, making toys for good boys and girls even though nobody gets hand made toys anymore and everyone just shops on Amazon. Western children are taught that Santa is watching you year round and leave out milk and cookies in anticipation of the hefty breaking and entering expert paying them a visit. In Russia rather than awaiting a visit from Santa Claus, children believe in the no less mythical Grandfather Frost who wears a long blue or red coat, a matching hat, fur boots and carries gifts in a large sack on his back. Not one to be satisfied with just carrying around a sack of gifts, Grandfather Frost also brandishes a magical staff that has the power to freeze everything around him. Grandfather Frost also doesn’t need a team of magical reindeer to deliver his gifts instead opting to walk, ski or guiding his team of magical horses to his destination (Grandfather Frost is basically the Chuck Norris of mythical figures).

The Snow Maiden

If you are not impressed by Grandfather Frost it’s only because you haven’t met his gorgeous granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) yet. Wherever Grandfather Frost happens to make an appearance you are sure to find the Snow Maiden close by. This classic beauty wears a blue or white fur coat and wears her hair in a long braid that would make Goldilocks jealous. If you have ever voted in or viewed our Snow Beauty contests you will notice that while we have our share of Sexy Santas many of the girls will also dress as the Snow Maiden including this years first place winner (I’m sure a much sexier version of the Snow Maiden but I don’t hear anyone complaining).

How to Celebrate New Years

New Years celebrations will undoubtedly vary from one family to the next but traditionally family and friends will enjoy a meal of Russian salad, herring, and sparkling wine along with a table of zakuski (think Russian tapas). At 11:55pm many people stop to watch the presidential address, discussing the events and achievements of the previous year before toasting the ringing of your new year with the Kremlin clock. It is then that people begin wishing each other a happy new year and exchange gifts with loved ones.

So there you have it. The reason why your beautiful baby may be distracted this upcoming week. While we in the states are dreading the long break in between New Years Day and the next paid day off they are planning a 5 day New Years Vacation in Russia followed by Christmas and then ANOTHER new years. Now that you know a little more about this unique Russian celebration why not impress your girl with your newfound knowledge of the subject. Ask her what they will be eating for her celebration, for pictures of her decorated tree, mention she is more beautiful than all of the Snegurochkas in the world and of course it wouldn’t hurt if you surprised her with a New Years gift. You never know … maybe her New Years resolution will be to thank you right back!


Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy!

b9228e0962a78b84f3d5d92f4faa000bWe are deep in the swing of the Holiday season and with Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us millions of men are asking the same question, what in the heck do we buy for that special woman on our list? My entire life I have been known for bad gift giving. It’s not like I don’t try. I research, ask questions, gauge interests … in short I spend time and money trying to find just the right thing but it has all been for naught. Sure I may have been guilty of the last minute gift purchase here and there but for the most part I have steered clear of the foot baths and chair massager cushions that are so popular this time of year. While I am on the subject forget “it’s the thought that counts” because if that was true then just thinking about getting your sweetheart something would suffice and there would be no need to actually buy anything and anyone who has ever given a crappy gift knows that “thought” isn’t earning you any brownie points.

So what do you do when you are blessed with the gift giving skills of a baboon but still want to surprise your squeeze this holiday season? You can take my former route and spend hours searching the Internet for just the right thing only to either buy something the wrong size, the wrong color or just all around wrong or you can take advantage of the Dream-Marriage holiday gift catalog. “Dream-Marriage holiday gift catalog” you say excitedly, barely able to contain your joy … “what is that and how do I use it”? Well I am glad you asked because we have made it easier than ever to surprise your special someone without all of the unnecessary worry. Simply click the gift icon underneath your ladies profile to visit the holiday catalog and choose from a wide range of items that are sure to make her holiday merrier. Call it cheating, call it a shortcut, call it whatever you want but remember this a good gift can warm up even the coldest Winter nights (wink wink).

Don’t think I have forgotten about those of you who haven’t yet found that one special Russian (or Ukrainian) beauty that deserves a little spoiling. Just because you haven’t met her yet doesn’t mean you have to spend the holidays alone. With the thousands of beautiful, single babes on Dream-Marriage each and every day your future bride could literally be at your fingertips! Take advantage of our 100% FREE FLIRT (limited offer I went on and on about a few weeks ago) and put yourself out there. You may not be smooching under the mistletoe with your lovely lady this Christmas Eve but it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome the New Year in style courtesy of Dream-Marriage video chat. Hurry because this free flirt offer will NOT last forever and you never want to leave a beautiful woman waiting!


Do American Women Still Cook These Days?

KMR_2546-600x901Did American women forget how to cook somewhere along the way? I ask mostly in jest but with the Holiday season upon us I face another year of cooking all day during Thanksgiving and Christmas because my other half couldn’t figure out how to heat up a can of chicken noodle soup let alone roast a turkey. Let me put it out there that I don’t mind cooking. I actually find it to a therapeutic, enjoyable experience and it is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. It doesn’t hurt that women LOVE a man who can cook but this is more of an unavoidable side effect then the reason I first picked up a spatula all those years ago.

The problem is I can’t cook every day. Sure if I could I would stop at the butcher on the way home from work, grab some fresh meat , pick up some vegetables and make a gourmet style meal on a daily basis but with my work schedule and busy lifestyle this just isn’t realistic. Instead I am met at home with meals that are haphazardly slapped together consisting of “Shake N Bake”, canned sloppy Joe, and macaroni and cheese that requires nothing more than squeezing a package of liquid processed “cheese” sauce onto a pile of overcooked (yet somehow still raw) noodles. On the days she does attempt something that didn’t come from a box I get over salted or under salted things she swears are meatballs, mashed potatoes that crunch so much I would swear they were made by Frito Lay and occasionally no dinner at all because she left something in the oven too long while taking a bath (seriously …. 5 times at least).

As a stay at home mom for over almost a decade you would think that at some point the wife would have learned to cook with some sort of pride and skill but as she so eloquently puts it “cooking sucks and I shouldn’t have to do it so I don’t care if it’s good or not”. And this is not a problem that I face exclusively as an adult. Every woman in my life from my mother to girlfriends to my very own spouse were born right here in the US and lack the culinary skills of the average McDonald employee (sorry McDonalds but … well …. you know). My mom made powdered mashed potatoes and microwaved fried chicken on those nights we didn’t feast on frozen microwave burritos and pot pies but she too had no interest in actually making a meal. I do take some solace in knowing I am not alone in this area, in fact several of my friends have complained about this exact same thing over the past few months but complaining about it isn’t going to put food on the table. Now before anyone accuses me of being sexist it should be known that I am a huge fan of women’s rights and equal pay in the workplace and if my significant other was to make the kind of money that could afford it, I would be the first guy to hang up my career hat and become a “sugar baby” house husband. I would have a smile and a ready ear when she came home at the end of the day (not to mention Massage Mondays, Warm Bath Wednesdays and Foot rub Fridays) along with an incredible meal on the table. OK so even I forgot where I was going with that one but the point is I don’t believe that women HAVE TO cook but don’t we as men all have some vision of that Norman Rockwell painting in our heads of a well put together woman making a delicious meal for her family and looking damn good doing it? For most of us this is just an unattainable pipe dream that is the stuff of legends and 50′s era television but what if I told you that not only is this possible but downright probable?

So when was the aha moment when I realized that when it came to taking care of a man that Russian women were a class above the rest? Actually it started with my employment at Dream-Marriage. As the new guy in the office I didn’t know what to expect from my female Russian coworkers as the majority of my knowledge of Russians came from Rocky 4 (spoiler alert: Apollo Creed dies) and a teacher in third grade who ACTUALLY taught us that Russians were born with tails. While I figured out that Russians didn’t really have tails many years ago I did question whether Russian and Ukrainian women were as hospitable as I had always heard. I got my answer within a few weeks of starting when I was suddenly stricken with an illness and had to spend a few days out of the office. When I returned to work the women in the office doted on me serving me tea, soup and homemade dishes they brought from home. Were they being extra nice to me because I was the new guy? Was there some sort of “hanky panky” going on? Nope … this is just how they are and they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Many of these women are raised to take care of their men and their families and they get a real sense of pride out of doing something to bring pleasure to the ones they love. The idea of any of my coworkers serving their husbands boxed pasta, microwave chicken or fried mystery meat is laughable to me because even after working a full day they insist their families eat a well balanced, home cooked meal. I have seen the pictures of a Thanksgiving meal one woman I work with put together that looked more like something out of a magazine than something she put together with her own 2 hands. So this must just be something with the women in my company right? Wrong! I have spoken with many of the satisfied clients of Dream-Marriage (including many of the guys leaving our testimonials HERE) and they all agree that there is a certain “extra” you get from these women that you don’t get from a woman who was born here. There is a distinct cultural difference that will leave you feeling like a king in your home rather than the bumbling court jester you have felt like in past relationships (not that I speak from experience).

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? Do you have a history of inhospitable partners, entitled attitudes and/or just plain selfish women? Have you daydreamed about coming home to a hot woman and an equally hot meal? Do you long for your version of that idyllic slice of Americana where men are treated like men, women are treated like ladies and all is right with the world? Well my friend that dream is alive and waiting for you HERE … the question is are you ready to claim your piece?


Get Your Flirt On For Free, Free, Free!

ID: 3187619

ID: 3187619

OK guys I will make this relatively short and sweet and while I apologize for the unimaginative blog title you have to admit it’s pretty effective. I have talked to many men who are satisfied clients of Dream-Marriage and in our conversations I realize they usually shared one common trait when joining our site. After years of bad relationships, missed opportunities or failed marriages they decided it was time to try something new and found their way to our little slice of Russian dating heaven.

Most of these guys are admittedly rusty when it comes to dating and the time honored art of talking to women (let alone the type of women you typically find on Dream-Marriage) and they say it took weeks or even months to get back into the swing of things. You will miss every shot you don’t take, every  ball you don’t swing at (and some other sports cliché I don’t feel like looking up but you get my point right?) and in honor of my sports analogies I am going to “coach” you through my EXCLUSIVE patent pending 4 step process to dramatically increase your chances of finding your own hot Russian beauty today.

Step 1: Log into your DreamMarriage account

Step 2: Flirt for FREE

Step 3: Continue Flirting for FREE

Step 4: Really? Stop reading this and get your FREE flirt on!

Seriously … what are you still doing here? At any moment of any day there are literally thousands of gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian beauties logged into Dream-Marriage looking for their match and you are now free to flirt with each and every one of them … yes I have said it again FREE! Look, I could go on and on about what you can do to boost your confidence, make yourself a better catch, improve you profile, etc. but when it comes down to it you and I both know one simple fact … none of those things matter if you aren’t willing or able to “step up to the plate” (last sports analogy I promise). So polish up those wingtips, iron your nicest Izod shirt and a pair of flat front Dockers and finish the outfit off with a Members Only jacket (because that’s what I wore on my last date back in 1987 and the ladies loved it). This is an extremely limited time offer so how much more convincing do you REALLY need to take advantage of this FREE opportunity? Check out who is online now and let us know how it goes …. who knows maybe you will be one of our next testimonials!


Dream Marriage Date Hacks: 41 Tips and Tricks

Since we started writing the Dream-Marriage blog we have covered dozens of topics in hundreds of posts detailing the ins and outs of international dating, Russian/Ukrainian culture, tips, recipes, success stories and just about every topic related to finding and building love from afar. The following list is comprised of some of the questions we are commonly asked as well as some misconceptions we would like to clear up as well. Think of this as your Dream-Marriage cheat sheet (just don’t tell any of the girls that I gave it to you!).

Dream-Marriage Benefits and Features

1.    At any given time of the day there are thousands of women looking for love on Many women have found serious relationships and marriage by using our service and word has spread meaning our database grows exponentially each and every day. This also means that no matter where you are in the world there are bound to be members up looking to flirt, email, chat and more at all hours of the day.

2.    The number of eligible, attractive female members easily outnumbers the men, meaning guys have an almost unfair advantage when it comes to getting the attention of prospective partners. Maybe you have had some bad luck in the past but there is no bigger ego boost then getting an email from a woman who wouldn’t look at you twice stateside and having her pursue YOU!

3.    The ladies range in age from 18 to 50+ and come from a wide range of backgrounds. While there are bound to be cultural differences between yourself and a Dream-Marriage bombshell you may be surprised to find out how much you share in common as well. You like hip hop? You can find hundreds of girls who love it. You like classic cars and fishing? I’m sure we have dozens of women who love that too.  Are you really into Star Wars and your favorite food is macaroni and cheese? You will likely find at least a few women on the site who would be more than happy to dress up as your favorite wookie and whip you up a plate whenever you get the blue box blues.

4.    DREAM-MARRIAGE verifies the identity of every woman who joins the site and requires ladies to record a validation video. Once a girl enters a relationship or gets married they are removed from the site …. So consider every woman you see on your search single and ready to mingle.

5.    DREAM-MARRIAGE offers live video chat. Pictures are great and emails are amazing (remember when people used to send actual letters in the mail? Me neither) but there is nothing that compares to seeing your sweetie live, hearing her voice and making her smile … or cringe … whatever you’re into.

6.    Checkout our testimonials to read about some of the happy couples who met on DREAM-MARRIAGE. Notice anything? These are normal guys like you who decided to go “all in” and married gorgeous women they didn’t think they would have a chance with.

7.    DREAM-MARRIAGE regularly runs promotions offering discounts on credit packages, chat sessions, FREE video introductions, contests and more and we share this news with our clients through email. So ignore the joke of the day email forward your grandma sends you, the Nigerian scammer who has a lot of $$$$ for you sitting in an account and that message from your electric company with a final demand for payment (ok maybe don’t ignore that last one) but do not, I repeat do not miss out on an opportunity from DREAM-MARRIAGE because you were too busy to click on an email!


Myths About Russian Women and Russian Dating

8.    Traditional mail order brides no longer exist. No man can buy a wife and this term is actually considered to be quite offensive.

9.    Russian/Ukrainian women are intrigued by Western men, but they’re not dying to escape their home country so badly that they will marry just anyone. Yes the odds are heavily in your favor but still be a gentleman, be polite and treat her like a lady.

10.    All Russian women are not shy, submissive housewife types who are waiting to take your orders. Are some of them? Sure, but so are many American women right here in the states. If you are looking for a submissive slave to control you are about 150 years too late but I have heard you can download the plans for a working time machine online (Delorean not included).

11.    Russian women are not all “green card scammers” or gold diggers. There are women of every race, culture and creed who want money and a successful man to take care of them. This myth has been spread and popularized by western movies and television shows but is no more true than the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Eskimos …. Wait I have just been informed that Eskimos are in fact real (my apologies to any Eskimos I may have offended).

12.    Russian women do not all hate Russian men. Many Russian women will tell you the reason they do not like the men in Russia but I am sure you can also write a list of things you don’t like about women in your country as well.

13.    Russian men are not all abusive alcoholics who don’t know how to treat women. This is another one of those myths popularized by western movies and TV. Again there are some men in Russia who are guilty of this but there are men all over the world who are plagued by the same demons.

14.    A man’s looks and age do matter to Russian women to a certain degree. Notice I said to a certain degree? Being “long in the tooth”, out of shape, bald or ??? may get you shot down at the bar where romance is usually sparked by visual appeal but on Dream-Marriage you get to know your lady over time. No matter how you look make sure you are clean and presentable in your pictures and when you do video chat  you will want to make sure you do not appear to live in filth. Let her fall in love with who you are inside and the outside won’t matter near as much.

15.    Contrary to popular belief, the women on Russian dating sites won’t marry anyone who shows interest. Most of our girls are very selective and serious about finding a mate. They will usually spend hours searching and viewing member profiles looking for a guy that catches their attention. If you are contacted by a lady take the time to read her profile before messaging her back. Show her that you have an interest in getting to know her as well and that besides admiring her beauty you also have a desire to get to know her.

Things to Know About

16.    Dream-Marriage is a US based business that works with a network of agencies in Eastern Europe where female members go to correspond with Western men. Many of these girls do not have access to Internet nor could they afford the photos you see on the site so they use the agencies in order to make contact.

17.    Dream-Marriage has been in business since 2003 and has continued to grow, expand and innovate since our debut.

18.    Single women must be at least 18 years old to join DREAM-MARRIAGE. All ID’s are verified by our compliance team to make sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are.

19.    Even Though the ladies’ profiles are public on Dream-Marriage, the men’s profiles are kept private. This means that your dating remains private, safe and secure!

20.    We take scamming very seriously and will investigate any and all scammer complaints.

 About Russian and Ukrainian Women

21.    Russian women’s top five turn offs include cheating, perverts, disrespectful behavior, and arrogance. While several of those things may disqualify ME from getting a Russian bride the majority of you will be just fine. An abundance of arrogance or showing off is a major no-no with most of these women so save your boasting for your friends and that jerk you work with who is always trying to one up you.

22.    The top five turn ons for these women are a good sense of humor, manners, respect, intelligence, and self-confidence. So how are you self confident without being arrogant? I have no clue because I am too busy being awesome to figure it out.

23.    Women in Russia/Ukraine tend to marry and start families at a younger age than women in Western countries but this trend has been changing over the last few decades. It is not uncommon to find many drop dead gorgeous women on the site who are in their mid to late 30s, never married and with no children.

24.    The women of Russia and the Ukraine look for love abroad for a variety of reasons. Some would like a change of scenery and some would like to live in the places they only see on TV or in the movies. Others love the idea of meeting a romantic man from another country who will sweep them off their feet … there are literally thousands of reasons women join and in our 11+ years we have heard them all.

25.    These women are not just interested in meeting men from America. We have had women marry men from Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary … the list goes on and on.

26.    Many Russian women are open to a relationship with an older man, though there are limits. Sure love doesn’t see color , age, etc but if you are old enough to be her dads dad then you are probably going to be too old for her.

27.    While the majority of women on DREAM-MARRIAGE are young and want to start a family, not every lady wants children. You can actually search based off if a woman has children, wants children later or does not want children. Be honest with yourself … she may be hot but if she has 2 kids will you want to take on that responsibility? Or maybe she doesn’t want kids at all and you have your heart set on touring the country with your band comprised entirely of your 12 children … chances are good you would not be a match. If you have a clear idea of what you want and you communicate that with any lady you talk to then your chances of finding love will increase dramatically.

28.    Many of the ladies use flowery, romantic language that may seem over the top to a Westerner. It probably seems sappy to you but this is common in many other countries. Our once beautiful language may have degraded to “what up dude” and “hit me up” but romance is still very much alive in other parts of the world.

General Tips and Advice

29.    Profile pictures matter. Avoid posting photos that are old, unflattering, or of a generally poor quality. Your profile picture is the first thing she will see about you and if you are serious about finding your dream Russian woman than make sure your picture shows you in your best light.

30.    Don’t lie! This includes embellishments about age, salary, interests, etc. Lying to impress girls may have been acceptable in middle school but you’re an adult now. If she doesn’t have an interest in who you really are then move on.

31.    Be polite and respectful at all times. This one kind of speaks for itself but unfortunately it is something that has to be said.

32.    Don’t send or request nude photos. This goes along with being polite and respectful and the realization that this is NOT a hookup site. These are real ladies and should be treated as such.

33.    Keep the first message short and sweet. Don’t spill your life story in the first email and scare her off. Also don’t bash your ex or complain about women in your country. Talk about her and what it was that made you HAVE to message her.

34.    Don’t propose marriage in the first email! Yes I see it all the time. No better way to scare your beauty off then by proposing marriage based off of her profile picture. These women are searching for serious companionship and love … not 5 minute marriage proposals.

35.    Don’t propose a visit in the first email. See #34 above …. Get to know her first before making any plans that are this grand. You will either seem like you are desperate or like someone filling their heads with big promises. When in doubt play it cool.

36.    Give a relationship time to progress. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Just like you have to build a loving, strong relationship when you first meet someone in person you will have to do the same thing online.

37.    Show interest in a lady’s language, country, and culture. She will be interested in yours and will have plenty of questions …. If you don’t have any for her it may show that you are not truly interested in her outside of her physical appearance. Hint: It is ALWAYS fun to discuss myths and misconceptions about where you live.

38.    Don’t be put off by introduction letters that seem vague. As I said earlier thanks to our ratio being “backwards” with far more women than men these ladies often search for hours on the site looking for eligible men. You on the other hand will open your email and have dozens of messages from ladies hoping to catch your eye. Your initial introduction may be short but follow-up letters will be much longer as you being regular correspondence.

39.    If you’re stuck in a rut, try expanding your search and reaching out to different women. Just because you started out talking to one woman doesn’t mean you have to stick with her. Sometimes things don’t work out and when the attraction wears off you realize you don’t have as much in common as you thought you did. There are a lot of fish in the sea so don’t be afraid to throw your line back out there!

40.    Don’t try to respond to every email or chat request you receive, you will go insane. Seriously … unless you are jobless and have a couple of guys on staff that will help you respond to these things you just can’t do it. Find the ones that interest you the most, check out their profiles and send them a message. After that just wait for the replies to flood in.

41.    This one is easy … have fun. You have some of the most beautiful women in the world vying for your attention. It’s like being on one of those reality dating shows but without all the added drama. Enjoy the ride and who knows … you may just find your hot Russian bride on Dream-Marriage!