Dream Marriage Love Stories: Valentina & Phillip

After nearly three months of radio silence, our agencies on the ground in Ukraine and Russia have finally mustered up a brand new love story to share with the Dream Marriage international dating community. Dated back to just ten days ago, here is Valentina O.’s account of how her relationship with Phillip has developed:

“For everyone who is reading this story , I want to say – believe in best ! Look up! Love one another ! And you will succeed no matter what!”

Valentina and Phillip

Phillip ❤ Valentina

It has been two years since this week’s featured couple, Valentina and Phillip, had originally met each other on Dream Marriage. Thus far, they have hurdled the language barrier; transcended sheer distance; and resisted infidelity. Their relationship has weathered whatever tests life has thrown at it and, now, Phillip and Valentina are taking their relationship to the next level.

On Bended Knee – Five Unique Ways to Propose to Your Russian Bride

We are happy to announce that Phillip and Valentina are engaged to be married and are getting ready for their big day as you read this. This being the first testimonial we’ve received since late January, what better way to make up for lost time than an engagement announcement. Congratulations, Phillip and Valentina!

For those of you who would like to take in the rest of Valentina’s testimonial, visit the Love Stories section of the Dream Marriage online dating network. You can also more simply click the above photo of this week’s featured couple, Phillip and Valentina. Be sure to tune back into our blog next week to see what love story develops next from the Dream Marriage international dating community.

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Olga of Kiev, Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day

No, you’re not dreaming. The angel splayed across our page is an actual member from our international dating community. Because she’s new to Dream Marriage, we thought what better way to get her acquainted then to introduce her as today’s featured single. Dreamers, meet your Russian Bride of the Day Ольга:

“My friends call me optimistic and sincere! I try to find a small miracle every day.”

Olga just celebrated her 23rd birthday less than two months ago. By Russia’s standards, Olga is in her prime to settle down and start a family. Don’t believe me?! Check out this article we pieced together discussing the subject: “But They’re So Young!?” As to what manner of man Olga is looking for, you will just have to find that out for yourself.

What’s In A Name:

She is most any man’s ideal woman – comfortably tall, deliciously fit, and, of course, tantalizingly beautiful. The 5’7 grey-eyed brunette from Kiev with a capital K also happens to be quite heady to boot. Having recently completed her time in college, Olga now pursues a career in psychology. Pin that to the fact that Olga happens to speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English passably, and you have the makings of a person with an other-oriented personality.

“Nothing Like the Love of a Good. Russian. Woman.”

See and learn more about today’s featured single by visiting Olga’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Just click either of the photos included in this post and through the magic of the internet, you’ll be whisked away to her page. From there, you will have carte blanche to view more photos; watch her introductory video; and or even send her a message. Dream Marriage is an online dating site and you are paying for your membership so cut the shy guy act and start mingling with your fellow singles. Good luck, dreamers!


Russian Beef Stroganoff

When it comes to food, all world-wide known cuisines have some similar dishes, salads, or desserts. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of those dishes that greatly varies in different areas, but was originated in Russia; the country where our beautiful Eastern European ladies are from. Remember, you might expect to have this fabulous dish on your table with your beautiful Russian match.

Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stroganov (in Russian: Befstroganov) has been invented in Russia during the 18th century, and the name of this delicious dish comes from one of the members of Stroganov family. In the 19th century, the dish was spread world-wide and has its variations of  sauces, meat, and toppings. Some serve it with rice while others serve it with mash potatoes, buckwheat, or noodles.

However, original Russian stroganoff is served atop a bowl of crispy (French fries type) pan-fried potatoes. As word of a mouth history would have it, the origins of beef stroganoff date back to the times when then-County Paul Stroganoff was stationed in the wilds of Siberia. His cook had discovered that meat tended to get extremely frozen. In order to preserve what little meat that had, the chef decided it best to cut the meat into thin strips. The thinner strips made it easier to cut and thaw meat. This process has been maintained throughout the history of the dish and so will you. Before we break down how to make your own beef stroganoff dish, you will need the following ingridients:

  • 1 1/2 lb  beef tenderloin
  • 2 onions
  • 4 ounces of butter
  • 4 ounces of mushrooms
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 4 tbsp of tomato paste
  • 1/2 cup of sour cream
  • 1 cup of broth 
  • salt & pepper

Chop the beef tenderloin into very thin strips. Combine flour, salt and pepper to taste, and mix it with the beef strips. Fry chopped onions on a pan until a golden brown color, and add the mixed beef to the onions. Fry on a hot heat until the meat turns into a light brown color.

Meanwhile, make the sauce: fry 1 tbsp of flour pounded with butter for few minutes, add sour cream, tomato past, and salt. Pour the sauce over the meat and stew on a low heat for 15-20 minutes. You can add seasonings, some chopped parsley, sour cream and serve it on the top of the pan-friend potatoes.

Russian women are oftentimes great cooks as they have learned from their babushkas and mothers as part of their upbringing. If you are a meat and potatoes lover, perhaps meeting a single Russian woman from the Dream-Marriage online dating network might be the trick to finding someone to enjoy this recipe with. After all, there is nothing fun about dinner for one.

Daria of Lugansk, Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day

Today’s featured single is a woman of very few words. Whether that is due to the fact that she is a brand new recruit to the Dream Marriage international dating community or because she prefers action over words is mute. What caught the eye of our editorial team was, of course, her portfolio of pics. Dreamers, meet our Russian Bride of the Day Дарья:

I am a classy woman. I am interested in communication. I am dreaming about wedding.”

…and that all but sums up Daria, at least according to what is detailed in her personal profile page. Physically, Daria is quite the specimen. In case you hadn’t noticed, the pretty-petite you see before you has exotic grey eyes and golden brown hair.

What’s In A Name:

What we can tell you is that our darling Daria is from the home to many a pretty face, Lugansk. To earn her keep, Daria has pursued a career as a makeup artist. Did Daria do her own makeup for the photo shoot? That would be a good question to break the ice. Introducing yourself also works.

“Ice Breakers For First Time Chatters”

If you’d like to get to know more about our Russian Bride of the Day, I suggest visit Daria’s profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network and click the “Send A Flirt” and “Email Me” buttons. Daria’s new so reach out and welcome her. While you’re at it, tell her to doll up her profile some more. Inquiring minds want to know.


Alla of Kharkov, Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day

Today’s featured single is a choreographer and personal trainer from the once capital, Kharkov. Dreamers, we’d like you to meet our Russian Bride of the Day Алла:

“I do not want to play games, break hearts. I want to find serious man with serious intentions, who will become the reliable life’s partner and we can create happy relations and family.”

Alla is a 24 year old grad student, who lives quite the active lifestyle. Her list of hobbies range from snapping photographs to tending garden to swimming and diving. She has a whole lot going on in her life, but there is one thing missing in her life – love, which is undoubtedly why she has joined the Dream Marriage international dating community.

What’s In A Name?

Age is nothing but a number and distance, just a formality. Provided you are a real man, one who is responsible and trustworthy, Alla expresses interest in meeting someone like you. If you can see yourself dating Alla then we suggest you send her a message introducing yourself. She is relatively new to Dream Marriage so we recommend reaching out to her first as new members tend to take a while to get used to their new surroundings.

“Send Her A Message”

Click either of Alla’s photos included in this post to be redirected over to her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. You will find more photos of our green-eyed Russian Bride of the Day as well as an introductory video featuring Alla on her profile page. In order to access this page however, you must be a registered Dream Marriage member. If you haven’t already, create your free profile page now.



"Is She Really That Into Me?"

Any Texas Hold ‘Em card sharks in the house? Getting a solid read of some people’s poker faces can be a Rubik’s Cube of a challenge as is. Just imagine trying to figure out what someone’s thinking on the other end of a fiber optic line. The only telltales you have to go by are smiley face emoticons, XOXOs, all caps lettering and then, of course, there’s the silent treatment. That is why Dream-Marriage and other online dating communities of the like provide its members with alternative methods of communicating.

Specific to Dream-Marriage, there is Voice Chat, which basically functions as an international phone call minus the astronomical charges. Voice Chat is a bit old school with new school tech. Rather than using phone lines, you communicate over VOIP (voice over IP). You, two, get to chat it up like high school kids waiting to see, who goes to sleep first. As host and blog admin, it is in my humble opinion, voice chat is an excellent way to keep a good thing going. If you are the cautious type and would like to give her the old screen test, there’s really only one way to go – Live Streaming Video Chat.

Holograms are still a ways away so Live Streaming Video is the closest thing you will get to interacting with someone face-to-face despite the fact that they may live on the other side of the planet. With video, you get to pick up on the ever crucial nonverbal cues like body language and awkward silences. If you are on the fence about whether she is really into you or just wants to be friends, the following checklist should help you plan out your next course of action:

  • The Eyes Never Lie. They are the window to the soul after all. Granted, video dilutes the interaction a bit, but what you should look for is eye contact. Maintaining eye contact shows that she is making a concerted effort to listen to what you have to say. However, if her eyes wander from the conversation, clearly her mind is elsewhere, which, in all likelihood, means her heart is not there either. Move on.
  • Rarely Ever A Bad Time. One of the trappings with international dating, aside from the language barrier, is the time difference. With that said, the only valid excuse for a girl to constantly put off chat time is because it is either too early or too late. Other than that, a constant diet of “oh, there was a family crisis” or “now’s not a good time, try me later” is definite grounds for dismissal. If she’s really into you, she will, at the very least, commit to a rain check. Just as “there’s always room for jello”, if she fancies you she will set aside time for you even if it is not at that very moment.
  • Do You Speak Body Language? Just who do you think came up with the “cold shoulder”? A woman’s silence speaks volumes in the form of subtle gestures. For instance, watch for her to lean in while you are talking. If she plays with her hair or caresses her neck, she is subconsciously trying to attract attention to her features in attempt to gain your interest.

There you have it. Those three fundamental caveats – focus, availability and signals – should give you a better idea as to whether your special lady really is that into you. Good luck and good hunting, dreamers. Got a question for us, you can leave it in the comments or any of our social media outlets and we will answer your question. Stay tuned next week for more tips and advice from the official blog of the Dream-Marriage online dating network.

Elena of Donetsk, Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day

Sign: Scorpio

Well, good morning, darlings. Today’s featured single looks to have all the glamour of a Zha Zha Gabor minus the baggage of having been married to the likes of a Donald Trump. Dreamers, meet our Russian Bride of the Day, Елена:

“My passion is cooking and I would like to cook something special and delicious for my future husband (stuffed pie), because I know that the short way to man’s heart is through his stomach.”

That was a bit of a curve ball, wasn’t it?! Dressed to the nines, but doesn’t mind putting in work in the kitchen and she’s only 22! Elena is an undeniable standout among our newer additions to the Dream Marriage international dating community.

What’s In A Name: Елена

Elena made it a point to tease just enough information to get you to ask her yourself so we will ease up on the details. What I will reveal is what might not be so crystal from the pictures. She’s got lush green eyes and stands 5’8 tall in her stocking feet. Interestingly enough, according to her profile, she is also able to speak three different languages passably – English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Provided you’re interested, that should make chatting all that much easier.

Lay of the Land: “Romantic City of Donetsk”

If you’d like to get in touch with Elena, click either of the photos in this post to be redirected to her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. From there you can send her a private message or even invite her to chat straight off. The choice is yours of course. Stay tuned to the blog for the reveal of tomorrow’s featured single.


Anna of Kherson, Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day

It’s the one day of the week we’ve all been working for – Friday aka weekend eve – and to get the day started on a high note, we introduce to you today’s featured single, Анна:

“Are you there, my love? Are you caring and loving person who wishes to cherish and caress his tender flower?”

She is among the freshest faces to join the Dream Marriage international dating community. At the tender age of 22, Anna has made it her priority to lock down a significant other all while attending law school. To help Anna on her quest, we decided to put on her the pedestal that is the Dream Marriage blog as our Russian Bride of the Day.

What’s In A Name:

She’s no slouch in the looks department either so her Bride of the Day status is warranted. A quick read through her bio and you’ll be quick to discover Anna has got a good head on her shoulders. The emerald green-eyed Russian bride-to-be from a stop along the way, Kherson, knows what she is looking for in life…

“I am not looking for a boss or employer. I dream to have an equal life partner by my side.”

Get to know more about our light-brown haired Libra by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Clicking either of the photos included in this post should redirect your over to Anna’s page. From there, you can watch her introductory video; view more photos; send her a flirt; or best yet, send her a message introducing yourself.

FYI: You must be a registered member of the Dream Marriage online dating network in order to access other member profile pages like Anna’s. Not yet a member? Just…



The Love Story of Anna & Matt

Digging even deeper still into the archive of love stories submitted by featured couples from the Dream Marriage international dating community, we stumbled upon this diamond in the rough from Matt J. of Germany. This one dates back to the 12th of August 2013:

“It’s amazing to think what Dream Marriage makes possible. Bringing together two people from great distances who share the same dreams, perhaps to fall in love and be happy together for many years to come. Thanks again Dream Marriage, for allowing me the opportunity to meet Anna!”

Anna ❤s Matt

As always, you can get the full breadth of Matt’s testimonial by clicking the image above. If you, yourself, have a success story you would like to share with the rest of the Dream Marriage international dating community, you can submit them via private message on Facebook. Until tensions ease up in Ukraine, the pipeline between Dream Marriage’s editorial team and the agencies on the ground in Ukraine has been cut off.

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Elizaveta of Vinnitsa, Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day

Elizaveta_blogHaving showcased a strawberry blonde, a platinum blonde, and a red head, if we’re ever going to make this week complete, you just know we have to showcase a brunette. And here she is, today’s featured single, Елизавета:

“I am here to find a man who is serious about creating a strong relationship and who is ready to build own family. I need a man who will support me to make a step into new life in him country.

So just who is this raven-black haired representative of the brunette ilk? Elizaveta is a 22 year old grad student from the small but storied city of Vinnitsa. Apart from attending grad school, Elizaveta juggles her time working as an executive assistant. Now here she is trying to fill another gap in her life. Her search for other half has taken her to the Dream Marriage online dating network.

Caption: Taurus

What’s In A Name: 

Look long and hard into those emerald green eyes and tell yourself you couldn’t see yourself waking up to that every morning. You wouldn’t be here if that was the case. Our 5’7 Russian Bride of the Day is, of course, single and soon-to-be a birthday girl this coming May. If there were ever an in to break the ice, I’d recommend starting with the good old “Hi, my name is _____” or if all else fails, wish her an early happy birthday.

“Ice Breakers For First Time Chatters”

First things, first, in order to meet Elizaveta, you have to visit her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Simply click either of the images included in today’s post and you will be whisked away to Elizaveta’s page. Keep in mind, only those registered with Dream Marriage online dating network can access other member profiles.