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Ice Breakers for First Time Chatters

Whether over a cell phone or via instant messaging, texting has become the preferred mode of communication among human beings. Not having to come up with clever stuff to say while someone eyes you in anticipation really takes the edge off of just being yourself, which is perhaps why online dating has become all the rage among web savvy singles.

Just to name a few of the positives reaped from chatting online:

  • The shyness factor is all but mute when texting or chatting online as there is no intimacy issues of being in close proximity to another human being.
  • You basically are able to piece your words together more carefully than you would in a verbal conversation. Delays in response are expected and accepted. Just don’t take too long.
  • There is no mincing of words as hearing is taken completely out of the mix. Think you misread or misunderstood something, simply track back and read the contents of the chat all over again or ask for clarity.
  • Much like a game of correspondence chess, eChats can take place over a period of days if need be. There’s no need to rush through a conversation. Small talk is acceptable.

Chatting online with someone you like or someone you want to get to know can be a lot of fun; however, much like everything else in life, there are a few downsides:

  • People have a tendency to always want to say the wittiest, most remarkable thing and end up wracking their brains for the perfect response.
  • Not being able to read a person’s body language to gauge their reaction makes navigating a conversation about as difficult as fumbling around a dark closet for the door knob.
  • Depending on the person, some statements can be either loaded with subtext or completely valued at face. Misunderstandings are bound to happen.
  • It’s a whole lot easier to lie and get away with it online.

With the following article, we’ll bless you with some key tips that will help you break the ice on your first online chat.

Ask About the Person You’re Chatting With:

No one wants to hear someone prattle on about themselves; however, ask someone how their day was and watch how the conversation unfolds. The same goes for chatting online. Ask them how they are doing and what it’s like where they live. It’s always good to start with something nice and easy like, “How’s the weather out there?” Not only will it give you some insight into their country, but it also makes it easy for her to join the conversation.

Asking someone questions denotes a vested interest, which, depending on the girl, will score you major brownie points. Obviously, don’t fire off questions like it is the Spanish Inquisition, but rather ask then pick up on various cues in their replies. Reserve some go-to questions for starters and whenever there seems to be a lull in the conversation.

Make Them Laugh
Awkward moments of silence can creep up at any given time if you’ve yet to tackle an engaging enough topic of conversation. It could be brought about by sheer boredom resulting from mindless small talk or the person you’re chatting with is simply terrified of their own shadow and is too nervous to respond. Either way, we suggest you keep a joke or two up your sleeve. As the old adage would have it, laughter is the best medicine.

Nothing breaks the ice more than laughter and it’s a great way to put the other person at ease and make them comfortable with talking to you. Whether you tell them a joke, send them a funny picture or something else – making them laugh is a great idea. Imagine if you went to a job interview and you were so nervous and suddenly the interviewer started joking around and making you laugh. You would probably feel a lot more at ease and comfortable talking to them after that!

NOTE: Don’t go trying to reinvent the wheel either. Use Google to search for some jokes or just retell one you heard or saw on TV. Remember, you’re not auditioning to be a stand-up comedian. The point is to make her laugh, not prove that you are a professional clown.

Start Telling Them About Yourself
Another way to keep the conversation flowing is to divulge a little information about yourself. Just give them a basic run down of who you are, where you live and what you do for both fun and work. You can even go so far as to tell them a little about how you came to be who you are today. Obviously, your life story should be as brief as possible because you don’t want to dominate the conversation with just “you”. In that case, you would be making the mistake of throwing words at someone rather than exchanging them, which is the whole purpose of chatting.

A little personal information can give a person better insight into your personality. It can also give them cause to tell you something personal about themselves, which means they are effectively letting their guard down and allowing you access. Ultimately, if the conversation gets this far you are probably golden.

By using the tips and tricks in this article for breaking the ice in your first online chat, you will probably experience a much smoother and funner conversation. Good luck!

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