Introducing YouTube Cover Girl, Anastasia, 18 and Waiting

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Introducing YouTube Cover Girl, Anastasia, 18 and Waiting

This week’s featured Russian bride turned YouTube cover girl is none other than the nubile Anastasia. WATCH her introductory video below:

“Maybe people think that it is so easy to find a man or a woman, because the planet is so big! Maybe they are right, but from another point of view it is not as easy as it seems to find your true love! But we all should have a hope in our hearts! That is why I am here.”

Sign: Pisces

Sign: Pisces

New to the Dream Marriage international dating community, we thought it best to break her in as both a YouTube cover girl and as a Russian Bride of the Day as well. Pulling double duty should be a cinch for this young go-getter.

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The above video is but a snippet of Anastasia’s full length introductory spot. In order to view her video in full, you will have to log into your Dream Marriage accounts and visit Anastasia’s profile page.

Know the difference: Live Streaming Video vs. Video Clips

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