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Dream-Marriage’s Anti-Scam Itinerary

ID: 3039579

ID: 3039579

The Dream-Marriage Member Liaison Team wants you, our valued customers, to rest assured, your best interests are our main concern. In order to maintain a scam-free online dating network, we have employed a number of protocols to systematically root out any fraudulent accounts set up by insincere individuals not using the site as it was intended.

To verify the identity of the female members of the Dream-Marriage online dating network, our Member Liaison Team contacts female members by phone and at random. Once contacted, the girls are asked to provide certain information that would confirm, beyond a shadow of the doubt, the girl is who she claims to be. This includes requiring our lady members validate the information contained in their passport. Our lady members must also be able to verify that they are aware of the correspondence shared with the male members they are communicating with.

These routine check-ups are not “one time” efforts either. We make it known among the agencies and members that we will be in contact as to when, we do not specify. The element of surprise is crucial when unearthing scammers. So long as a female remains a member of Dream-Marriage, they can and should expect to be contacted multiple times at random to verify their account with us. Our method of verifying identities goes beyond phone calls as well. Our lady members are required to be available to use Live Video on a consistent basis. This ensures that no one else is corresponding with the male members on behalf of the lady members. The accounts of our lady members and local dating agencies are randomly audited to ensure that no scamming activity is in the works.

We have tailored our software to prevent local dating agencies, located throughout the Former USSR, from committing fraudulent activity with the lady member’s profiles. Our female members are in no way compensated to interact with male members and we do not hire any models to feign interest. There are no incentives for ladies to send letters, participate in chats, etc. Our ladies are, under no circumstances, allowed to ask for money or gifts. We have a team of dedicated employees whose sole purpose is to combat scam and think of innovative ways to outsmart the deceivers.

You, too, have the tools to detect a faker. Of the many features made available to Dream-Marriage clients, perhaps the most useful tool in the plight against fakers would be the array of chat features: Chat, Voice Chat, Live Video, and Video Clips. In the instance where a member does feel compelled to buy their mate a gift, we have ask that the recipient of the gift take a photo is taken of the gift in their possession. This helps to confirm that the lady with whom you are corresponding, is, in fact, the person in the profile picture and the person for whom the gift was originally intended.

For those of you, who feel our anti-scam procedures are invasive to the girls, please be assured that we don’t mean to be repetitive or overly regulatory. We have no intention of policing our members, nor is it possible. The sheer size of the site and the volume of interactions make such an endeavor virtually impossible. We do, however, make sure to conduct ourselves respectfully, professionally and appropriately whenever we deal with Dream-Marriage members, male and female. Furthermore, the lady members of the Dream-Marriage online dating network fully understand that these conditions are necessary to combat the few, who do commit fraud.

Dream-Marriage is committed to securing an environment where our members can safely use our site for what it is intended for – to correspond with other members in hopes of developing a successful relationship. As mentioned before, we cannot feasibly police the entire online dating network. Although we do have methods that help us confirm the identity of various female members, stopping scammers is more a respond/react stance. The true intent of an individual sometimes can`t always be discovered.

scam-freeWe DO NOT tolerate scam activity, nor do we tolerate scammers, but we cannot preemptively sniff out the true motives of every male or female registered with the Dream-Marriage online dating network. No one can know for certain the true intent of any other individual. In the very unfortunate event you believe you have encountered an experience with a member whose behavior you believe to be insincere, please let us know immediately. Our Member Liaison Team will be more than happy to look into the matter for you. If it is confirmed that the lady is a scammer, please be assured that her profile will be promptly and permanently removed from our database.

Please keep language barriers and cultural differences in mind when communicating with women from different countries. There will be awkward misunderstandings and things lost in translation. In these cases, take your concerns directly to the source and ask her questions when in doubt. So in the event there is a possible misunderstanding, we highly recommend attempting to resolve the mix-up with your lady before finalizing any conclusions.

With that said, you can rest assured that we are here to help you in any way we can. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and by reading our testimonials, you can see for yourself that we are very successful in our job… and that is helping people to find each other and create strong and warm relationships. Thank you for choosing Dream-Marriage where your happiness is our life’s work!

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