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“Bride of the Day” Irina from Kiev

“I dream to meet my special one, to become the most happy girl in the world and to make my future beloved man the happiest man in the world ever.”

ID: 3109817

ID: 3109817

The bubbly girl you see before your eyes is, of course, today’s featured Russian bride and Dream Marriage debutante. Dreamers, please do make the acquaintance of Irina:

Learn more about Irina | What’s In A Name: “Ирина”

As you can see, Irina is a Russian blonde bombshell of a woman. At 5’6, she is the perfect height being that she will not be too tall in heels or too short in flat shoes. It’s these minor details that make a difference to some, but you shouldn’t look past her other redeeming qualities. According to the information in her personal profile on the Dream Marriage online dating network, she is quite the dancer. Whether she is a trained dancer or just passionate about moving her groove thing is something you’d have to ask her.

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At 27 years young, Irina decided she wanted to get serious in her search for a good man with whom she can start a new chapter in her life and so she joined Dream Marriage. Log into your accounts and introduce yourself to today’s featured Russian bride, Irina. Show her just how friendly the Dream Marriage international dating community really is. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear from you.

Sign: Taurus

Sign: Taurus

Click on either of the above photos to be redirected to Irina’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Stay tuned to the blog to see who tomorrow’s featured Russian bride will be.


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