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Dream Marriage Cover Girl Elena from Donetsk

This week’s featured YouTube Cover Girl also happens to be our 150th video in the vault. Dreamers, feast your eyes on Elena’s introductory video:

“I can be very silent but that it doesn’t mean I am boring woman I am just thoughtful person and love to think about my future life and dreams I want to make real in future.”

Sign: Aquarius

Sign: Aquarius

Making her debut to the Dream Marriage international dating community is the lovely Elena, a 20 year old Russian bride from the romantic city of Donetsk.

Learn more about Elena | What’s In A Name: “Елена”

Elena recently joined Dream Marriage. Her stunning modelesque looks grabbed the attention of our editorial team, which earned her a spot as a YouTube Cover Girl. Now what you saw above is but a snippet of Elena’s fuller length introductory video, which can be seen by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network.

Tips: “Live Streaming Videos vs. Video Clips”

The Dream Marriage international dating community is an interactive forum. Although Elena most certainly easy on the eyes, don’t let your fascination stop at window shopping. Get online; log into your Dream Marriage account; and send Elena an invitation to video chat!? You read right. Take messaging to another dimension by talking to Elena in real time via a live streaming feed.

Skip the messaging and get straight to the point if that’s what you’d rather or send her a flirt and take it slow. Either way, this is an online dating network. There’s no need to be shy and everyone’s intentions are pretty well laid out. If you like Elena, don’t hesitate to strike up a rapport. Good luck, dreamers, and stay tuned next week as we unveil our next YouTube Cover Girl.

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