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Dressing to Impress Your Russian Woman


When you finally get to meet your Russian woman, you will probably wonder what sort of clothing you should take. How would she expect you to dress when she sees you for the first time or when you get to meet her family? Here, we will talk about the importance of dressing the correct way when you see your Russian woman and some tips to help you impress her.

Leave the Jeans and T-Shirts at Home

This is a very important one. One thing you need to understand about your Russian woman is that she will dress to impress you. In fact, Russian women typically dress up no matter what they are doing – including a walk in the park or a visit down the street to a friend. This is one of the things that define a Russian woman. The first time you meet her, you can bet that she will look her absolute best. You don’t want to show up in a pair of shorts and a wife beater.

Purchase Clothing When You Arrive

When you finally arrive in your woman’s town or city, purchase the outfits you will visit her in. They will be nice and ironed and they will impress her. Purchase suits or at the very least, wear slacks, nice shoes and a collared shirt. Be sure to have your hair groomed and styled nicely and wear a dab of nice cologne. No matter how much money you have, you will not impress your Russian woman if you show up looking like a bum! It’s also very important that you dress nicely when you meet her family. They will judge you based on your appearance – especially if they are unable to communicate with you.


Don’t wear tennis shoes! Purchase a brand new, nice pair of dress shoes before you leave to visit your Russian woman. You don’t want to look like an American tourist and your shoes will be a large part of your outfit. Get nice shoes and make sure they are shiny and polished before you leave. Present yourself nicely and be a gentleman when you are with your lady. Open doors for her, guide her with your hand on her arm or against her back. It is also a very nice gesture if you bring flowers for her or some other small gift.

Your Russian woman will dress to impress you and you want to give her the same courtesy. Use the tips and advice in this article to make sure you look nice and will take your Russian woman’s breath away!



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