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“Bride of the Day” Inna of Chernovtsy

“Just look in my eyes and you will understand everything. They are mirror of my soul and never lie.”

ID: 3111640

ID: 3111640

Inna-Oct18_single Russian brides

Sign: Capricorn

So today’s featured Russian bride is NOT from Kiev. We hope you’re not too disappointed. She is still quite a specimen to behold regardless of where she’s from…that being Chernovtsy. Dreamers, please do meet our Russian “Bride of the Day” Inna.

Learn more about Inna | Where is Chernovtsy?

Inna is just 24 years old with a birthday coming up in January. Having just received her masters degree in education, she currently works as a high school teacher. Blessed with mesmerizing green eyes, you’d have to wonder if she has any problems holding high school kids’ attention.

What’s In a Name: “Инна”

Inna is new to our international dating community so take the initiative and introduce yourself. It can be overwhelming for a new member to sift through all the profiles on the Dream Marriage online dating network. That’s why I personally recommend introducing  yourself. Save her the time. Send Her A Message.


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