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“Bride of the Day” Valeria of Kharkov

ID: 3111650

ID: 3111650

“I think it is wonderful when a husband came home from difficult working day and his beautiful sexy and loving wife waiting for him with tasty dinner. What do you think?”

…and a good morning to you too! So, dreamers, what say you?! Do you like coming home to something (or someone ;p) tasty? Well, of course you do and today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community certainly makes a case for herself. Dreamers, meet our Russian “Bride of the Day” Valeria:

What’s In A Name: “Валерия”

Sign: Leo

Sign: Leo


Valeria is a 26 year old choreographer, who currently calls the one-time capital of Ukraine, Kharkov, home. She also represents a selection of Russian women blessed with emerald green eyes that contrast sharply with her brown hair. You can see more of our “Bride of the Day” by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network.

Tips: “How to Win Your Russian Woman’s Heart and Keep It”

Log into your accounts now and head on over to Valeria’s personal profile page to learn about her hobbies and ideal relationship as well as an avenue to get in touch with her. Valeria’s new to the Dream Marriage international dating community so YOU make the first move and show her the ropes.


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