Julia of Mariupol, Dream Marriage’s Russian ‘Bride of the Day’

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Julia of Mariupol, Dream Marriage’s Russian ‘Bride of the Day’

Sign: Sagittarius

Granted, to the lovers of lanky women, today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community may be a bit on the short side, but you know what they say, “Good things come in small packages…” 

Dreamers, meet our Russian ‘Bride of the Day’ Юлия:

“…I am sure that there is my second half in this world, distances don’t scare me at all. I am in active search for a person that can make my life full of positive moments, enthusiasm, happiness and harmony. Can that person be you?”

ID: 3153151

So as we hinted earlier, Julia is just 5’3, but what she lacks in height, she more than makes up for it in curves. Julia is a voluptuous girl with gorgeous emerald green eyes and raven black hair. The 23 year old from Mariupol works as an operator, but had ambitions of becoming a professional ballroom dancer. Send Her A Message and ask her why she didn’t pursue that dream any further or invite her to a video chat and ask to see some of her moves.

FAQ: Live Streaming vs. Video Clips

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