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‘Like This Photo’ – Dream Marriage’s Newest Button

like this photoWhen it comes to showing appreciation for something over the web, there are a myriad of ways, each specific to whatever environment you happen to be frequenting. Take these for instance:

  • Twitter has the “Favorite” button
  • Pinterest has the “Pin It” button
  • Google+ has the “+1” button
  • Instagram has the “❤” button
  • Facebook has the “Like” button
  • Dream Marriage has the “Like This Photo”

New to the Dream Marriage online dating network’s user interface is the addition of the “Like This Photo” button. Before, you would just browse aimlessly through pics until you saw fit to write the girl a message. Now, you can actually let each girl know which pics of her you liked most. I’m sure you have all noticed how infatuated women are with their looks…ahem hence the selfie. Well, the “Like This Photo” actually gives the girl an idea of which photos to keep up.

This latest nuance to the Dream Marriage UI (user interface) will serve more purpose than just being a way to leave feedback. 2014 is going to see more than its fair share of contests. Rather than hog all the fun in deciding who will win, the “Like This Photo” button will immerse you in the process. In fact, that’s precisely how we decided the winner of the Snow Beauty of the Winter Ball contest.

It’s simple; it’s fun; and it’s costs you nothing. Next time you find yourself browsing through profiles photos, make like a Facebooker and like a girl’s photo.

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