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Alla Pugacheva & Maksim Galkin

       Alla Pugacheva is the legendary singer of the Soviet and Russia. Her career started in 1965 and continues to this day.  She is loved, appreciated and respected. She is the most successful singer on the Russian Estrada, has millions of fans all over former soviet countries.  She made a brilliant career.  She is the one who can be rightfully called,

       Maksim Galkin is the young, promising comedian, singer and show man.  He is the host on Russian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  Maksim has been participating in many different TV projects.  Popularity came to Maksim when he started dating Alla.  This fact was shocking for everybody, because of the big age difference between him and Alla. But now, after 10 years they have been living together people’s skepticism disappeared.
Alla and Phillip
Alla’s stormy personal life won’t leave anyone indifferent.  Before Maksim she had three marriages, and all of them were not less interesting for general audience.  Her third husband was Phillip Kirkorov, one of the most famous male singers in Russia. He was 18 years younger than her, but love doesn’t have an age. They have been together for 11 years and it seemed like nothing could ruin their happiness.  But as everything in this world, their relationship had to come to logical conclusion. 
Alla and Maksim

     The fact that Alla decided to be a happy bride for  the 4th time, was shocking for the whole country. No body believed in the relationship with such a big age difference. Despite all the rumors Alla’s and Maksim’s fans were very happy for the couple.  After 10 years together, they couldn’t imagine their life without each other. And now they are husband and wife. 

Gorko !!!

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