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Are Russian Women Paid to Chat?

At Dream-Marriage, we determine our success based on our customer’s satisfaction. Behind the scenes of our online dating network, painstaking measures are taken to ensure that our customers are provided with a safe and secure environment in which they can communicate without having to worry about dealing with scam artists and bots. Although we do have agencies that are charged with verifying profiles for authenticity, their staff is limited in number compared to the thousands of new profiles that are created on the Dream-Marriage online dating network. We will root out the riffraff, but it takes time to narrow them down, which is why we encourage our members to speak up whenever something seems amiss.

One particular question that has been coming up lately is whether or not the female members of the Dream-Marriage online dating network are paid to chat with men. The answer is a flat out, “No”. Suspicion is understandable when dealing with money and websites; however, even though you are charged a fee for using our chat services, Dream-Marriage does not pay women to chat with men. It’s one thing to be suspicious and something else altogether if you’re just being presumptuous. Over the course of the next two articles, we will address the most common presumptions we have had brought to our attention, starting with:

“Some of the women seem to be always available online at craziest hours too. Are they working shifts or something?” 

For many of the Russian women enrolled on the Dream-Marriage online dating network, internet access little less a personal computer is not always accessible unless they are at one of our agencies. Our agencies provide free internet access as well as a computer station to our female members so that they can make use of our service. The agencies have pretty much become internet cafes where ladies congregate to mingle online and make full use of their subscription to the Dream-Marriage online dating service. It has actually gotten to the point where our agencies have had to schedule times for each computer station to make sure everyone has equal opportunity to chat online. Just because you have access to a computer and the internet within finger tip reach, does not necessarily mean your Russian bride has the same luxury.

You should also take into consideration that outside of the online dating, our female members very much have lives of their own whether it be attending school, working a career or watching after children. Time has to be set aside in order to honor responsibilities before indulging in a little play. Furthermore, chatting can be quite addicting. Time flies when you are having fun mingling with beautiful women, who are just as interested, if not more so, in finding that special thing called love. As is, women from all walks of life, tend to be chatty creatures, but just because they like to be social, does not mean that she is being paid. Our male members are known to spend hours on end in chats. It takes two to tango.

“One of the Russian brides actually told me herself that she was in fact being paid to chat.”

In the event, a female member tells you this directly thereby substantiating your suspicion then stop chatting with her immediately and report her profile ID number to our customer service department. As stated earlier, we do not pay girls to chat. If a girl is participating under this auspice, then we will not only terminate her account and blacklist her from using our site ever again, but we will also address this issue with the agency with whom she registered.  Paying women to use our services is not sound business acumen. It taints our product and reputation plus it would also eat into our revenue. The only party that could benefit from paying girls to chat would be the agency local to the Russian bride, which is why we need our users to step up and report such behavior so that we can nip it in the butt as soon as possible.

At we respect our members’ right to be cautious so that they can feel secure. We truly believe it is possible to find love here. Many of our clients have successfully met a genuine lady here and have been able to start a relationship and this can be you!

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