2014 ‘Lady In Red’ Winners Announced

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2014 ‘Lady In Red’ Winners Announced


The polls are closed; the votes have been tallied; and top 3 have been determined. Seemingly always the bridesmaid and never the bride, our second runner up happened to finish second overall in our inaugural Snow Beauty of the Winter Ball. Dreamers, your third place winner in the “Lady In Red” contest is Olga:


With two hundred girls in the running for Dream Marriage’s title as Valentine’s Day “Lady In Red,” we tried to highlight the creamiest of the crop. Although our second place finisher might not have made the “Lady In Red” highlight list on our blog, she was featured as a Russian “Bride of the Day” back on November 14th of 2013 (proof we still have a keen eye for talent). Regardless, here is your second place finisher Natalia:

2n_Natalia…and finally, 2014’s winner of the Valentine’s Day “Lady In Red” contest. She was actually one of the three finalist in our Dream Marriage Beauty Pageant back in 2012. Back with a fresher look and wiser for her time since, she caught the eye of our editorial team and made the front page of our blog. Now she is our first place finisher and 2014’s “Lady In Red” winner. Dreamers, all hail our “Lady In Red” Lubov:

1st_LubovDid you vote for Lubov or any of the other finalists? Log into your accounts now and send a message congratulating her. They’re all single; otherwise, they wouldn’t be registered members of the Dream Marriage international dating community. Your votes were anonymous but your Valentine’s Day love and congratulations don’t have to be.





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