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Dream Marriage Love Stories: Anna & Michael-James

Elena ❤ Michael James

Elena ❤ Michael-James

There is no “I” in “us” but there are definitely a string of “we’s” strewn about this week’s featured testimonial from the Dream Marriage international dating community. Elena G. of Ukraine shared her experience having met Michael-James for the first time back in November 21 of 2013:

“Meeting in real life is very different experience and we both were very excited. We spent very long evening together talking about our past and our expectations for the future. Even though we communicated a lot on the Dream-Marriage we still had lots of things which we haven’t discussed and our meeting became even more exciting and interesting.” 

So long as the situation between Russia and Ukraine persists, our influx of love stories from the Eastern Bloc will continue its drought rationing. We are hoping everything resolves peaceably, not so much for our sake but for that of many of our female members, who are dealing with tension in their day-to-day. Next time you are chatting with your Russian bride, be sure to ask her how she is faring.

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If you would like to read the rest of Elena’s first hand account describing her face-to-face meeting with Michael-James, click the above photo of the couple. Once there, you can also skim through the archive of hundreds of other love stories from Dream Marriage featured couples.

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