Odessa’s Anna, the Dream Marriage Russian ‘Bride of the Day’

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Odessa’s Anna, the Dream Marriage Russian ‘Bride of the Day’

Dobroe utra, Dreamers! We start the first full week of April with a breath of fresh air that recently breezed into the ranks of our international dating community. Stand at attention, gents, we introduce to you Анна:

“[You] should love life as much as me! We will never boring together, believe me! Do you love to risk? Write to me and I will make you wonder.”

Whether you are already young at heart or looking for someone to be young with again, today’s featured single sounds like she could very well be the muse for you. The 19 year old from the Black Sea’s Ibiza (Odessa) is a nubile Russian Bride-to-be with perhaps the longest hair we’ve seen thus far. With flowing brown hair draping down more than half of her 5’6 frame, Anna is a veritable Russian Rapunzel. Let down your hair!

Sign: Pisces

What’s In A Name: Анна

Anna’s blue eyes are but the icing on the cake. With so much to envelope the senses, words can only take this so much further. Take a trip over to Anna’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network and take in more of her beauty.

Frequently Asked Question:
“But She’s So Young”

To learn more; see more; or even meet Anna, click either of the photos included in this post and you should be redirected to Anna’s profile page on Dream Marriage. Keep in mind, these shortcuts only work if you are a) a registered Dream Marriage member and b) logged in. Just follow the three easy steps below and the rest should come easy…


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