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Kherson’s Elena, the Dream Marriage Russian Bride of the Day

Sign: Gemini

Making her debut to the Dream Marriage international dating community as our Russian Bride of the Day is none other than Елена:

“Life is so wonderful and there are so many things that I would like to try to do. Maybe you could show me more interests and we could try them together?”

Upon first glance, you’d suspect Elena was a model. Her 5’11 svelte frame matched with her finely chiseled facial features beg to be immortalized on camera, but alas no. Elena is just a Russian girl making her way through college.

What’s In A Name: Елена

ID: 3197595

Elena is among the few featured singles to hail from a stop along the way, Kherson and at just 19 years of age, she is also among the youngest Dream Marriage members. “But she’s so young?!” one might be so inclined to interject and we do not disagree. We just ask that you check out the article in the link with an open mind. Societal norms are different from culture to culture.

“What Russian Women Want”

It’s not so much that looks can be deceiving. Elena is just that beautiful; however, you shouldn’t stop there. Pick her brain a bit and see what makes her tick. Click either of the photos in this post to be redirected to Elena’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Once you’re there, you have a number of options – see more photos; watch her introductory video; send her a flirt; and or send her a message to live chat. You signed up to meet beautiful Russian women like Elena so make use of your membership and get to chatting. Women like Elena don’t stay single for long.


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