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Inna of Donetsk, Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day

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Sign: Aquarius

We have ourselves a live one, dreamers. Today’s featured single is a real thrill seeker from the romantic city of Donetsk. Shake off your case of the Mondays and perk up a bit. You’re about to meet Инна:

“I like all things which make my heart to beat faster. Do you like to feel throbbing in moments when you even can’t breathe?”

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. Our Russian Bride of the Day Inna is no daredevil. She is not the type to free-climb skyscrapers. In fact, Inna is a grad student making her way through school as a teacher.

What’s In A Name: Инна

Beauty, intellect, and an inner vigor seem to be the ingredients that make up our Bride of the Day, Inna. The 25 year old with strawberry blonde hair joined Dream Marriage in hopes of finding her prince and her best friend all rolled into one human being. Just one look into her emerald green eyes and you will want to do whatever it takes to become that man.

“Why Russian Women Want To Marry Men From Abroad”

If I haven’t convinced you of what a catch Inna is, I suggest you take a closer look for yourself and visit her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Clicking either of the photos above should whisk you over to her page where you’ll find more info, photos, and even an introductory video. While you’re there, send her a message introducing yourself. This is an online dating site after all. Make use of your membership and meet people!

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