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From the Desk of Customer Service

I’m the Customer Service Manager of Dream-Marriage. With all of the scamming that goes on, especially with online dating sites and/or agencies, I can understand and appreciate when people get suspicious. However, we are not a company that promotes, allows or even tolerates scammers or any type of fraud on our site. The owners of Dream-Marriage are a Russian-American couple, who are sincerely motivated in helping others find that right someone for them. Honestly, working to deceive people seems to me to be a lot more work than just “running it straight”.
With that said, our company is legitimate and our operation is real, meaning that our female members have real intentions of finding someone. Our female members are single women, who have registered to use our services like our male customers. Their identities can be confirmed using Live Chat, Live Video and by watching their Introductory Videos. Additionally, we work hard to keep our database clean from bogus profiles. The Confirmed Profile icon on the ladies personal page verifies that our representative personally interviewed the lady and confirmed her identity using either background checks, passport and/or other means of verifiable information.
Ok guys, after reading this blog, I’ll be honest and say that this is all mere opinion that has led to suspicion and none of it is fact. It is more probable than not that all of you have not communicated with any of the ladies to address your concerns, nor have you contacted Customer Service to receive an explanation.
Regarding the number of letters that new members receive, the lady members are also notified when male members join. We have thousands of lady members. Therefore, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that new members, whether female or male, receive a lot of emails. Additionally, when reviewing both the accounts of female and male members, it is confirmed that the average female member accounts tend to have as many emails as the average male member. Moreover, it is possible that, in any given agency, the ladies have requested to send their profile to the new member and if the ladies use an interpreter, the interpreter will send the ladies letters all at once.
We do not hire models to chat or send emails. Our lady members are NOT compensated in any way for corresponding with our male members. Neither are there incentives provided to the lady members for letters sent, received or for any amount or type of correspondence or any activity that is conducted while using our services.
It was stated that some of the ladies on other dating sites didn’t recognize the member on our site. If a client finds that he has developed a relationship with a lady member on other sites, only to find out on our site that she doesn’t remember you when contacting her here, it could be for various reasons. Firstly, the ladies accounts are set up differently than the male members. For this reason, the ladies can only send one Introductory email for the initial contact. In other words, even if you are familiar with a lady on another website, she can’t personalize her first letter to you using our services. Every letter after the first letter, she will be able to personalize it. Another possibility is that it may be a miscommunication issue. If a client was to bring an issue like this to our attention, we would be certain to get to the root of the issue and appropriately resolve it.
Concerning chat, we have thousands of female and male members and only a certain percentage of them chat on a regular basis. Therefore, when clients get a little leery about ladies who prefer to chat, they can always use the Search feature to look up ladies, who do not frequent Live Chat.
I honestly believe that for being extremely cautious while using the services of dating agencies, it is forgotten that there are cultural differences and a language barrier that may sometimes lead to misunderstandings. With that said, it is very important to remember throughout this process that patience and communication are vital to making the search for a Russian bride successful. It is not always easy communicating with the ladies because most of the correspondence will be done online. Because of the language barrier, interpreters are used and sometimes miscommunication can occur. Sometimes inappropriate responses are given from the ladies. Therefore, when attempting to build a relationship, it is necessary to ask the lady questions before arriving to any conclusions. Moreover, our staff is always available and ready to answer all questions and resolve all issues.
Lastly, our Testimonials page is proof that our clients have been successful when using our services.
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