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Love Stories: Anastasia and Sven

This week we decided to take a trip down memory lane to highlight the Love Story of a couple featured on Dream Marriage nearly a year ago today. Dreamers, be inspired by the love story of Anastasia & Sven:

"Dream Marriage is a place where dreams come true.I have met great person here, his name is Sven." - Anastasia K. of Ukraine on the 4th of June, 2013

“We visited a lot of interesting places in Odessa and I hope we will visit much more in our next meeting because the story just began…thanks to Dream-Marriage.”
– Anastasia K. of Ukraine on the 4th of June, 2013

Being from Sweden, the transition from online to offline was not as drastic an undertaking as it would be for someone hailing from the other hemisphere. Nor was the distance so great that the validity of their relationship ever came into question. As soon as they realized how much they had in common, Sven booked a flight and dipped down to Odessa to share their love of the sea.

“How to Win Your Russian Woman’s Heart and Keep It”

How their first face-to-face transpired is a story you will just have to read for yourself. Click the above photo of this week’s featured couple for Anastasia’s first hand account. There are scores of other love stories from featured couples from which you can take inspiration on the Dream Marriage online dating network. If you are feeling a bit discouraged in your pursuit of happiness, we suggest you take a second to read a few and see that your plight is not unique.

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