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Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Lilia of Kiev

Every now and then we managed to find a bride-to-be, who reminds you to never judge a book by its cover, particularly when it comes to guessing someone’s age. Dreamers, meet today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community, Лилия:

“I want him to have the capacity to love and care, to give himself to his only woman and to treat love as the greatest gift.”

So we before we throw you the loop, we’ll set you up with a few tidbits about our Russian Bride of the Day. She has never been married nor has she had any kids. Although the photo might not show it, but Lilia is also a jaw-dropping 5’10 tall, which makes for much upkeep considering she is also a fitness model to boot. Obviously, this is all details given to you from a first glance. What you learn next is much more than just icing on the cake.

What’s In A Name:

Believe it or not, Lilia will be celebrating her 35th birthday this coming August. This ageless wonder is no newb when it comes to dating. She is through with the games and only looking to date older, mature men (between the ages of 36-60). You can learn a little more about Lilia by visiting her personal profile page and checking out her likes, hobbies, and ideal men.

“Send Her A Message”

Obviously asking Lilia questions directly would teach you a lot more than reading words on a screen; however, visiting her profile page gives you a scouting report more or less. There’s no need for hesitation. This is an online dating network. Singles are on here to meet other singles with the intention of partnering up. Click either of her photos in this post and you’ll be redirected to Lilia’s page. Send her a message introducing yourself and see where things progress from there. Good luck, dreamers!


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