Cultural Taboos In Russian Speaking Countries

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Cultural Taboos In Russian Speaking Countries

Every culture has its own set of freedoms and restrictions. Some of the behaviors that are allowable in the United States are prohibited in some or all of the Russian speaking countries. Therefore, it is wise to keep these in mind when writing or video chatting, and even wiser to remember if you are planning to visit your prospective Russian bride.

With summer just around the corner, you may be tempted to talk about picnics on the beach, complete with cans or bottles of your favorite brew. In some Russian speaking countries, like the Ukraine, it is forbidden to drink in public. Even in those countries that would allow you to drink alcohol in outdoor areas, an open display of drunkenness would not be tolerated even though the country has no inhibitions about the drinking of alcohol in general.

Perhaps you plan to go surfing or swimming and usually change into dry trunks or clothes right on the sand. Undressing in public, no matter how discreet, or any display of private body parts is improper. Such description is likely to give a Russian speaking woman concern that you are a pervert. Maintain modesty by wrapping a towel around your waist or it may be that your local beach is where bodies can be seen in various states of undress. Leave all of these details out when describing your ‘fun in the sun’.

Are you a hot rodder who races others on the road? Just as in the United States, speeding is illegal in Russian speaking countries. Therefore, being an automotive dare devil will not go far in creating a good impression.

Having discussions with your Russian speaking girlfriend about dissident views? Don’t suggest burning the flag or mutilating currency as a way of expression. This is a serious crime and protesters must resort to other ways to demonstrate their dissatisfaction.

Do both of you share a religious faith where prayer is a vital part of your relationship with God? In some countries such as the Ukraine, it is improper to pray in public. Therefore, we don’t suggest that your girlfriend sit and pray in the public square. Remember that not having to hide your religion is still quite new to those of the former Soviet Union where religion was once legally forbidden.

Do you believe in the right to bear arms? Don’t suggest that your Russian speaking girlfriend buy a gun for protection. Firearms are strictly forbidden except by those, such as the military, who are sanctioned by the nature of their work to carry them.

In a country where people use their cell phones to take pictures of everything from their loved ones to whatever catches their eye at the moment, it is hard to imagine that in Russian speaking countries one must still be careful where they aim their camera. There are still places that photography is prohibited. Airports is still one such example in the Ukraine. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to ask your girlfriend to send you a photo of her about to board a plane.

Like to celebrate holidays with fireworks? While it is the norm in many countries for ordinary citizens to possess them, it is not so in most Russian speaking countries.

Have gay friends or relatives? Russian speaking countries are still opposed to homosexuality, which leads to arrest in some places. A 2013 poll in the Ukraine showed that 80% of the population had negative attitudes toward non-heterosexuals. Therefore, as discriminatory and wrong as it may be, it is best to focus on traits other than their sexuality when sharing things about gay loved ones.

One needs to keep in focus that the citizens of Russian speaking countries are conservative. Don’t mention your pornographic magazine collection if you have one. Not only will that not go over well with most women in general, even here in the United States, but it is a crime in some cities, including inside the Ukraine. Pornography, prostitution, cross-dressing, and other sexual behaviors are kept underground. Anyway, these are not topics that will win a traditional Russian woman’s interest or respect and get you nowhere when it comes to building a foundation for possible marriage.

Cursing or obscene language will not win you any points either. You don’t necessarily have to sound like Shakespeare or use flowery words, but do write ones you would want your mother to read. Using such language in public is still a crime in some Russian speaking countries.

When it comes to thinking about topics to communicate about, keep the words ‘conservative’ and ‘polite’ at the forefront of your thoughts. This type of communication with a Russian speaking woman is what will open a safe avenue for romance to blossom.

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