Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Irina of Nikolaev

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Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Irina of Nikolaev

Today’s featured single doesn’t have the luxury of time to indulge in acquired tastes. She knows what she wants and she wants it now! Dreamers, meet our Russian Bride of the Day Ирина:

“I want to find my love, to have the simple woman happiness, with lots of joyful moments and eternal happiness. Is it possible, I wonder?”

Wonder no more, little lady, you have come to the right place…hopefully. Irina is but one of the few fresh faces added to the Dream Marriage international dating community on a weekly basis. She also happens to be our second Russian Bride of the Day in a row to hail from Red Pieter of Ukraine, Nikolaev. So just who is Irina?!

What’s In A Name:

What you see before you is a divorcee, who at just 33 years young has a graduates degree as well as a career as a professional designer to her name, but no children. At 5’8, Irina could very well model the same clothes she designs, but instead she chooses to spend what little time she has maintaining the temple that is her body and travelling.

“Cultural Taboos In Russian Speaking Countries”

Discover more about our Russian Bride of the Day by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. You can use her ID number 446681 to pinpoint her profile in your search or you can just click either of the photos in this post, which should take you directly to her page.

Once you get to her page, however, take the initiative and be the first one to reach out. Irina is new to our international dating community so do the neighborly (ahem, manly too), and introduce yourself first, that is unless you just want to be another face in the crowd then by all means, do nothing…


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