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Is Your Profile Working For you?

When it comes to online dating your profile is your “advertisement” to prospective partners. Even on an International dating website like (where women outnumber men 5 to 1) or a domestic dating service, if you don’t put time, effort and energy into your profile you probably won’t get the response you are looking for. For the sake of this article we will break a profile into 2 sections (the visual and the content) and discuss some of the ways to improve your dating profile (and chances of finding JUST what you’re looking for).


While various studies have been conducted proving that women react less to visual stimulation than their male counterpoints this is an area that should simply not be overlooked. Your profile picture is the first thing that most people see while looking at a profile so shouldn’t you make sure that yours is the best possible representation of you?
• If you don’t have a picture on your profile ADD ONE NOW! Most people search profiles with pictures only so failing to add one to you profile could eliminate you from the majority of searches being conducted.
• Make sure your picture is in focus, clear and of just you (no kids, friends … or ex-girlfriends please). You should be the star of your own dating profile and nothing is more confusing than trying to figure out just which person in the picture has posted the profile.
• Is your favorite outfit your old high school football jersey and frayed sweatpants? Great! While it sounds like a very comfortable way to lounge around the house is that how you want to make a first impression? It doesn’t matter if the woman you are trying to attract is Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, American or from Mars …. She wants to see you in something that represents you at your best. I’m not advising you to rent a tuxedo and get glamour shots taken but there is no reason you can’t put on a pair of clean jeans and a polo shirt for your pic.
• Smile in your picture. I will say that again for maximum impact, smile in your picture! Brooding, angry, mysterious glares work great for teenage vampires and rock stars but if you are neither of those then give up the “mean mugging” and put on a happy face. A smile conveys warmth, compassion, a sense of humor and according to research can awaken feelings of familiarity to complete strangers. You would smile if you met one of these beauties on the street so think of your completed profile as your smiling, approachable wingman working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


This is the area that most people seem to have a problem with when they are complaining about either a lack of responses or the wrong kind of responses on their dating profile. While a missing or confusing picture is easy enough to fix, the content of the profile is an entirely different animal.
• Write something … yeah I get it, it’s difficult to write about yourself but you HAVE to do it. Writing “I’ll do this later”, “I don’t know what to write here”, “contact me to learn more”, etc. may say you a lot of time completing your profile but it will also save you a lot of time responding to emails (because there won’t be any to respond to). Give a little information about yourself to break the ice, initiate conversation topics or weed out potential bad matches. Women want a general idea of the man they are writing to so discuss those hobbies, passions and projects you’re working on and watch the difference in emails you receive.
• Write in full, proper English. Text/web talk and slang is ok for communicating with your buddies but why oh why would you use it in an International dating profile? Many of these women DO speak and write English but they are not familiar with shorthand abbreviations or slang that is commonly used in America. Not only does it cause communication barriers but it screams of immaturity. Instead of asking her to “holla atcha boi” why not ask her to “write me back if you are interested”? The message is the same but one is much easier to decipher.
• This last one really should go without saying but I have seen it so much that it is worth discussing here. Do you hate your ex wife or girlfriend? Tell it to your friends, your family, your co-workers or your counselor but DO NOT under any circumstances mention it on your profile. Complaining about your ex in your profile could convince potential mates you are not over that ex or even worse that you are carrying too much emotional baggage. Be positive on your profile and you will get positive results in return.

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