What the heck is a Mailorder Bride?

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What the heck is a Mailorder Bride?


International Dating VS. Mailorder Bride

One of the most commonly used terms in regards to international dating is “mail order bride”. While this term is offensive to anyone who has ever actually met, courted and then married someone from another country it is also commonly used within the industry to describe international dating. So while the term mail order bride is in fact considered outdated and offensive it is also tossed around within our own industry for branding and recognition purposes. Confused yet? There is no such thing as a mail order bride. There is no service that exists where you can order a bride online or from a magazine and have her shipped to your door like an Amazon prime package (don’t forget air holes!).

A Brief History

The term mail order bride was first widely used in the US back in the 1800s when men who had found financial success on the frontier but were otherwise lonely began placing “lonely heart” ads in church bulletins, newspapers and magazines across the country looking for a woman to join them. The man and woman would correspond via letter only until the woman agreed to marry a man she never met. It wasn’t until decades later that men began looking outside of the US for their “mail order brides” thus forever changing the way people think about international dating. In a nutshell we created this industry in the early days of the US and helped develop and mold it into its current state of state of the art websites, 2 way audio/video chat etc.

Russia and Ukraine

            One of the most common questions we hear is “why are these women single if they’re so hot?” to which I reply …. GOOD QUESTION! Just browsing through the pages and pages of glamorous beauties on Dream-Marriage would make anyone wonder just how in the world these women are still searching for a significant other. According to recent research a full 52 percent of Russia’s workforce is made up of women, yet they earn 43 percent of what men do in a similar position. Finding a foreign husband gives a woman a chance to leave her country and find better economic opportunities. With over 4 MILLION more women than men from the ages of 15 to 64, marriage opportunities are slim at home and worsened by the life expectancy difference between men (64 years) and women (73 years). When you factor these things together it makes sense that these smoking hot women would prefer to look outside of their country where they have a better chance to thrive both professionally and in love.

Does it Make Sense Now?

No matter what you call it international dating is here to stay. From humble beginnings in church bulletins and sparsely distributed newspapers to the high tech digital world we live in today, it has never been easier to meet and find your dream match. They may not show up in the mail but these very real women are looking for love and are as close as your fingertips. Happy searching!

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