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Become More Desirable (in under 10 minutes!)

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Okay so I admit the title of this blog may be a little misleading but there is no reason why you couldn’t follow these steps and become a “chick magnet” by the end of the day. With the staggering amount of gorgeous women on Dream-Marriage you are bound to ask yourself how to make yourself more desirable to these luscious ladies. There are a number of simple, common sense actions you can take that will not only make you a “catch” for beautiful Russian women but for women from any country in the world! Here are a few of our top suggestions cultivated from over 10 years of international matchmaking.

Ooze Confidence

There is a reason that women like bad boys. It isn’t for their leather jackets, slicked hair or motorcycles (John Stamos) either, the truth is confidence is sexy and for some women it is THE most important thing when choosing a partner. Ladies like a man who is self-assured because it makes them feel like he is worth their attention and they also feel protected and safe. Not confident? Don’t fret because although confidence is something that some are born with it is 100% a skill that can be learned, developed and refined over time. Think of it like the first time you got behind the wheel of a car. The nervousness and lack of confidence you felt were soon replaced by confidence (maybe even overconfidence) as you practiced and got more comfortable driving. Make a commitment to cultivating a more confident attitude, and you will find that you benefit when it comes to Russian dating, and other areas, as well.

Pick Your Picture

If you have perused our testimonials then you may have noticed you don’t have to have a full head of hair or a rock hard body to attract a Russian girl. Most Russian and Ukrainian women are drawn to a man who can demonstrate positive qualities like a caring nature, an adventuring spirit, a sense of humor and a good attitude. Sure you may type out a 4 page description of yourself in your “about me” on your profile but is your profile picture that a woman will see first. If your profile picture your profile picture does not make the right first impression a woman will be less inclined to click on your profile making your well thought out profile description superfluous. Head to your favorite barber and freshen up your haircut and style. Put on clothing that is clean, ironed (can’t believe I even have to say that but I do), looks good on you and makes you feel confident. Where you take your picture is important as well. If there is clutter and mess littering the background the viewers focus will be taken off of you and instead try to investigate the rest of the photo. The best pictures are taken in warm, natural light with an uncluttered background and with you in some sort of action shot (please, please, please not a selfie). Most importantly … smile! It makes you look more friendly and approachable because no woman wants to date a scowling, angry man.

Get Out There

You know all of those outrageously sexy women you see when going through profiles? Why not take some initiative and message the ones who intrigue you. Overcoming a fear of rejection is part of your path to confidence and if one woman isn’t interested there are bound to be several others who are. If you are looking for something that can develop into a long term relationship and marriage do yourself a favor and don’t pick based on looks alone. Sure your hot Russian bride could turn out to be the girl of your deams but if you pick on looks alone you are both bound to be disappointed down the road. Find women who share the same values you do and take the time to read about them. If you don’t want children and the woman you are messaging has 2 childen that will probably be a match that is doomed from day one. Take your time to search and find women you are attracted to beyond physical appearance and then see where Dream-Marriage takes you.
Will these tips work every time with every lady? Of course not; there is no guarantee that the women will come screaming in hysterics like you are Justin Bieber but there is NO WAY these tip will hurt. Get some confidence, post a picture that entices the ladies and put yourself out there and find your ideal partner. Who knows you may even be ½ of the next smiling couple we see on our testimonial page.

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