Do American Women Still Cook These Days?

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Do American Women Still Cook These Days?

KMR_2546-600x901Did American women forget how to cook somewhere along the way? I ask mostly in jest but with the Holiday season upon us I face another year of cooking all day during Thanksgiving and Christmas because my other half couldn’t figure out how to heat up a can of chicken noodle soup let alone roast a turkey. Let me put it out there that I don’t mind cooking. I actually find it to a therapeutic, enjoyable experience and it is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. It doesn’t hurt that women LOVE a man who can cook but this is more of an unavoidable side effect then the reason I first picked up a spatula all those years ago.

The problem is I can’t cook every day. Sure if I could I would stop at the butcher on the way home from work, grab some fresh meat , pick up some vegetables and make a gourmet style meal on a daily basis but with my work schedule and busy lifestyle this just isn’t realistic. Instead I am met at home with meals that are haphazardly slapped together consisting of “Shake N Bake”, canned sloppy Joe, and macaroni and cheese that requires nothing more than squeezing a package of liquid processed “cheese” sauce onto a pile of overcooked (yet somehow still raw) noodles. On the days she does attempt something that didn’t come from a box I get over salted or under salted things she swears are meatballs, mashed potatoes that crunch so much I would swear they were made by Frito Lay and occasionally no dinner at all because she left something in the oven too long while taking a bath (seriously …. 5 times at least).

As a stay at home mom for over almost a decade you would think that at some point the wife would have learned to cook with some sort of pride and skill but as she so eloquently puts it “cooking sucks and I shouldn’t have to do it so I don’t care if it’s good or not”. And this is not a problem that I face exclusively as an adult. Every woman in my life from my mother to girlfriends to my very own spouse were born right here in the US and lack the culinary skills of the average McDonald employee (sorry McDonalds but … well …. you know). My mom made powdered mashed potatoes and microwaved fried chicken on those nights we didn’t feast on frozen microwave burritos and pot pies but she too had no interest in actually making a meal. I do take some solace in knowing I am not alone in this area, in fact several of my friends have complained about this exact same thing over the past few months but complaining about it isn’t going to put food on the table. Now before anyone accuses me of being sexist it should be known that I am a huge fan of women’s rights and equal pay in the workplace and if my significant other was to make the kind of money that could afford it, I would be the first guy to hang up my career hat and become a “sugar baby” house husband. I would have a smile and a ready ear when she came home at the end of the day (not to mention Massage Mondays, Warm Bath Wednesdays and Foot rub Fridays) along with an incredible meal on the table. OK so even I forgot where I was going with that one but the point is I don’t believe that women HAVE TO cook but don’t we as men all have some vision of that Norman Rockwell painting in our heads of a well put together woman making a delicious meal for her family and looking damn good doing it? For most of us this is just an unattainable pipe dream that is the stuff of legends and 50’s era television but what if I told you that not only is this possible but downright probable?

So when was the aha moment when I realized that when it came to taking care of a man that Russian women were a class above the rest? Actually it started with my employment at Dream-Marriage. As the new guy in the office I didn’t know what to expect from my female Russian coworkers as the majority of my knowledge of Russians came from Rocky 4 (spoiler alert: Apollo Creed dies) and a teacher in third grade who ACTUALLY taught us that Russians were born with tails. While I figured out that Russians didn’t really have tails many years ago I did question whether Russian and Ukrainian women were as hospitable as I had always heard. I got my answer within a few weeks of starting when I was suddenly stricken with an illness and had to spend a few days out of the office. When I returned to work the women in the office doted on me serving me tea, soup and homemade dishes they brought from home. Were they being extra nice to me because I was the new guy? Was there some sort of “hanky panky” going on? Nope … this is just how they are and they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Many of these women are raised to take care of their men and their families and they get a real sense of pride out of doing something to bring pleasure to the ones they love. The idea of any of my coworkers serving their husbands boxed pasta, microwave chicken or fried mystery meat is laughable to me because even after working a full day they insist their families eat a well balanced, home cooked meal. I have seen the pictures of a Thanksgiving meal one woman I work with put together that looked more like something out of a magazine than something she put together with her own 2 hands. So this must just be something with the women in my company right? Wrong! I have spoken with many of the satisfied clients of Dream-Marriage (including many of the guys leaving our testimonials HERE) and they all agree that there is a certain “extra” you get from these women that you don’t get from a woman who was born here. There is a distinct cultural difference that will leave you feeling like a king in your home rather than the bumbling court jester you have felt like in past relationships (not that I speak from experience).

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? Do you have a history of inhospitable partners, entitled attitudes and/or just plain selfish women? Have you daydreamed about coming home to a hot woman and an equally hot meal? Do you long for your version of that idyllic slice of Americana where men are treated like men, women are treated like ladies and all is right with the world? Well my friend that dream is alive and waiting for you HERE … the question is are you ready to claim your piece?


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