DO NOT Forget March 8th … For Any Reason!

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DO NOT Forget March 8th … For Any Reason!

0004d0b59e19461ff126e3a08a814c33International Women’s Day is March 8th!
It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about Valentine’s Day and giving tips on how to show your special woman that you care. With Valentines now a distant memory I have to ask …. What do you have planned for International Women’s Day (IWD)? Wait … you ARE familiar with International Women’s Day aren’t you? Before you decide to skip this article thinking this is just another “frilly” Holiday created by greeting card companies you should know that IWD dates back over 100 years, is recognized by the UN and is a national holiday in Russia (meaning no work because everything is closed) …. So yeah it’s a pretty big deal.

International Women’s Day is a time when women all over the world are recognized for their previous struggles and their achievements. The day seeks to remind everyone that women have untapped and potentially limitless potential that should be celebrated and encouraged regardless of nationality, ethnic groups, language and economic or political background. While it is 100% possible you have never heard of this day before it is Mother’s Day, mixed with Valentine’s Day and perhaps one of the most celebrated and highly anticipated days of the year in Russia and Eastern Europe. Dating back to 1909 (wow!) International Women’s Day has been recognized by the United Nations since 1975 and is an official public holiday in Russia. Part of what makes Women’s Day so important is that it celebrates all women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends.

How to Celebrate
Let’s face it …. I have written about several Russian Holidays and they all involve food and this one is no different. International Women’s Day is most often celebrated with a festive meal and champagne surrounded by friends and/or family. Men and women give flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other sweet gifts to the important women in their life. Some (smart) Russian men see it as their duty to undertake all household duties on this day—starting with washing dishes and ending with cooking dinner and looking after children, so that women can enjoy a full day of rest. Sure it may be a little chauvinistic to assume that cooking, cleaning and looking after children is a “woman’s” duty but trust me that 0% of women will complain from this heartfelt gesture.

Since the IWD is a non-working day in Russia, office workers will often celebrate it just the day before the holiday. In companies and organizations, all women will receive flowers and small memorable gifts from their male coworkers and, sometimes, from the employers themselves. Do you see the theme here? Women are spoiled and pampered by their families, friends, coworkers and possibly even employers so you understand why you CANNOT forget about this day right? Next to an anniversary or birthday there should be no more important date in your memory bank then March 8th and much like a court of law, ignorance is not a valid or acceptable excuse.

What Do You Do?
First it was Christmas, and then it was New Years (twice), next was Valentines Day and now this? Look I hear you … it’s basically the perfect storm of Holidays in less than 2 months and it can be a nightmare trying to think of gifts for your beauty, especially of you are gift-givingly challenged like I am. The key for IWD is heartfelt. They will be receiving gifts all day from people in their life but chances are they will be most excited to see what they get from you. Poetry from the heart, a bottle of their favorite perfume, flowers that match her eyes …. Something personal to her that shows her you love her beauty inside as well as out and you cherish having her in your life. Luckily we have made it easier than ever with our Holiday Gift catalog (just click the gift icon under your special ladies profile) to ensure that your attempt at heartfelt sentiment doesn’t end up being a salad spinner (true story). There is no International Men’s Day (I propose the day after the Super Bowl) and until there is it is our duty to make the women in our life feel as special as possible on March 8th. Remember the brownie points earned on that one day can payoff for years to come.


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