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Get Lost in Love This Summer with Dream-Marriage

2015-04-01_1447WARNING: Whatever plans, vacations, work trips, cruises, hot air balloon rides, archaeological digs, boy band reunions or elective surgeries you have planned for this summer should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY.

Remember summer vacation when you were a kid? Mine were mostly uneventful affairs filled with very little travel or adventure. The first day of school the teacher would inevitably have us all get up in front of the class and describe what we did for our summer vacation and the kid with the coolest story was like a mini celebrity for the day. I remember feeling “less than” because while other kids went to strange and exotic places (or at the very least traveled further than 20 miles from their home) I had to report that my summer was … well … boring.

Now I am an adult and summers have taken on a different meaning to me. Living in Las Vegas it meant that it would soon be approaching 250 degrees outside (at least it felt like 250 degrees) but summer has not really excited me since I was a child until now. It is with great pleasure I announce that Dream-Marriage will be hosting an all inclusive trip to Kiev, Ukraine this summer! For any of you who have said that you want to date one of these beauties in person now is your chance to do just that and of course since this is a Dream-Marriage trip you can trust that we have planned a first rate trip.

  • Upon your arrival in Kiev, you will be greeted at the airport by our friendly staff and whisked away to one of the finest hotels in Kiev.
  • The next day, get ready to meet, wine and dine the most gorgeous ladies in Ukraine at our Singles Banquet (Stunning ladies eager to meet you and make connections, exquisite cuisine, an amazing location and even entertainment … you are sure to have the time of your life!)
  • The following day, get ready for another exclusive matchmaking event – the DM Romantic Picnic! This fully catered event will be filled with beautiful women, summer fun, entertainment and relaxation.
  • And of course what romance tour would be complete without a date? Well what if I told you that you (yes YOU) would go on not one, not two but THREE dates with the ladies of your choice? To top it off Dream-Marriage is also throwing in translation services free of charge and who knows …. One of those dates may just end up being the “one”.

This is that moment of truth. Are you going to join us on what could be a life changing trip to Ukraine or are you going to have another so-so summer? Will you meet more beautiful women in a week than you have met in the last 10 years or will you stick to your routine and hang out at home? You have already taken the first step. You have read this blog (maybe even re-read?), pictured it in your head and perhaps even thought about the THREE LADIES you would be going on dates with during your trip. Book your trip now and come next September when someone asks you what you did for the summer you will be able to tell them you took the trip of a lifetime. Sure it may not have the same effect without a classroom full of kids but I promise you will still have the coolest story in class (or the office). See you in Ukraine!


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