An Insiders Guide to Kiev (11 Can’t Miss Destinations)

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An Insiders Guide to Kiev (11 Can’t Miss Destinations)


A few months ago I first wrote about the DM romance tour and began waxing poetically about the events that would be occurring (while rallying the men to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure). Well I am simultaneously happy and saddened to report that there is just ONE SPOT left. That means there is literally nothing standing between you and a potential lifetime of happiness other than the fact that you have yet to pull the trigger on this fantasy vacation. It hit me just last week that while I had described everything you would be doing as part of the romance tour I completely failed to mention any of the other amazing things you can see and do while visiting Kiev. This carefully crafted list of 11 hotspots includes cultural significance, fun and games, architectural beauty, romantic possibilities and more. I am all for saving trees and reducing our carbon footprint here at DreamMarriage but I highly recommend printing this list and saving it in your suitcase.

#11. Tsekh Gallery (art/culture: single or date)
I do not know how to pronounce this but I can tell you this GO. Go alone, go with a date, go with a friend, cab driver, hotel concierge just don’t miss out on this contemporary art gallery that has earned rave reviews worldwide. From their own website “Tsekh provides the best opportunities for creative individuals to realize their creative ideas and in such way make an artistic and intellectual life of city and country more visible and relevant. We engage the wide range of professionals: artists, curators, critics etc.” The pieces at this gallery have been described as everything from thought provoking to absolute mastery and it would be a shame to visit Kiev without stopping by.

#10. Cinema Kiev (architecture/culture)
I can already hear you … you want me to travel all the way to Ukraine and see a movie? I know, I know it may seem like a waste of time to go to a movie in another country but why not take in a local flick? Cinema Kiev is the oldest operating movie theater in Kiev and is renowned for their classic architecture, and lavish decorations but feature todays modern technology.

#9. Indigo Club (nightlife/entertainment/: single or date)
The Indigo is like one of those clubs you only see in movies as it is impossibly hip and modern with a little bit of zaniness added in for good measure. What else can you call an establishment that combines club dancing, karaoke, disco and a piano bar all under one roof than a must see destination? If that doesn’t do it for you maybe picturing the smoking hot women sure to be there will help change your mind.

#8. Park Bridge (culture/entertainment: date)

Park bridge in Kiev has quite a rich history that dates back to the dawn of the 20th century and blah blah blah. If you really want to read about the history of this bridge the Internet is full of information on why it was built as well as when (the current bridge is a copy of the original and was built in 1983) but the real reason you want to go there is simple … to put a bike lock on it with your lady. This local tradition works as follows: write the name of your beloved with yours on a lock, snap it on and toss the key – then your love will last forever. If this romantic local tradition doesn’t bring you and your sweetheart a little closer then … well, I guess you need another couple of days in Kiev.

#7. National Opera House of Ukraine (art/culture/architecture/entertainment: single or date)
Full disclosure … I couldn’t create a list without including the National Opera House but if I was pinched for time this may just be one stop I would skip. However, if you are with a special lady and are looking for a way to earn some brownie points while soaking in some local culture then this could prove to be a rewarding stop. The architecture alone is enough reason to drag most tourists and with prices starting at less than $15 US dollars (!!!) it could either be an inexpensive way to spend a solitary night or to impress your date with your cultural worldliness.


#6. Escape Quest (entertainment: single or date)
Do you know those games you can download where the object is to escape from a series of rooms by solving a set of puzzles and logic based clues? Well in Ukraine they have places you can go and play real life versions of these addicting time wasters games. I must admit that other than the gorgeous women of Kiev that Escape Quest would be the thing I was most excited to see while in Ukraine. Seem like a weird place to take a date? Studies have shown that as women pass the age of 22 they are more and more attracted to intelligent, problem solving men. Can you think of a better way to show off your intelligence and troubleshooting then by “breaking” your lady love out of a simulated police station?

#5. Great Patriotic War Museum (history/culture: single)
I am a huge history buff so there is no way I could visit Kiev without learning something about the place other than where to party or see a good show. I would not recommend taking a date here (war history is somewhat of a downer) but you will kick yourself if you miss the museum. The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was established in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from the Nazi invaders on Pechersk hills in the former Klovsky Palace and opened in October 1974. The GPW museum is the biggest in Ukraine in terms of its size and importance. Its collection, which is permanently replenished, includes more than 300 thousand (!) exhibits and over 24 million visitors from 200 countries have visited the museum since its grand opening.

#4. Chernobyl Sightseeing Tour (culture/history: single)
I was a wee lad when the Chernobyl tragedy occurred and while I was too young to understand the impact of what happened I remember being very interested in the site and what would happen to the city surrounding it. The Chernobyl tour is probably not one you would want to take a date to (again … this is a downer for most) but at the risk of sounding like a broken record you do not want to miss this tour. Options range from a ½ day group tour all the way up to a private tour where you actually get to enter the power plant (eventual super hero powers not guaranteed), multi night tours and more. There are many companies in Kiev that offer this service so do yourself a favor and price compare and check reviews but you probably want to book in advance just to make sure they have availability during your trip.

#3. Kiev Tasty Tours (culture/entertainment: single or date)
I love to cook. Not only do I enjoy it but I am AMAZING at it (modest) which has not hurt at all when dealing with the fairer sex. When it comes to sampling international foods nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand from local chefs using local ingredients and years of tradition passed on from one generation to the next. Kiev Tasty Tours is a walking tour that will take you and your date through different parts of Kiev while you learn some history as well as make many stops for food and drink. Why take a date on a walking tour of a city she is most likely familiar with? This low-key, low pressure tour will be a great way to get to know your date while enjoying a casual tour, sampling delicious cuisine and sharing in an adult beverage or two. For any of you that or shy or perhaps feel like you could use a “refresher” on your game I recommend booking this tour ASAP! This tour would also be great to do on your own or with a group.

#2. Caribbean Club (entertainment: date)
After your tasty tour of Kiev you will undoubtedly be ready to have a little more fun with your date. What better way to do that then with a Caribbean themed club/restaurant that promises to let you party all night to the sounds of Latin music? The Caribbean Club opened in Kiev in February 1998 and was originally intended as a restaurant specializing in Caribbean cuisine. However much like a scene out of the movie “Footloose” the Latin music that was playing in the restaurant proved so inflammatory that the guests could not help themselves but to get up and dance. The location quickly added a rudimentary dance floor and bartenders acted as DJs and when this proved to be successful the Caribbean Club continued to improve their facility. Today the club features professional equipment and DJs and hosts some of the wildest and most fun parties in all of Ukraine.

#1. Landscape Alley (art/culture: date)
Here we are. The long awaited number one destination to see while in Kiev. Landscape Alley is located on the Old Kiev Hill with a stunning view of the baroque St. Andrew’s Church and to the historical district Podil. This park has been described as a cross between a fairytale and a “wide awake” dream and after seeing some of the pictures of this unique park I totally get the description. With its mix of art installations and sculptures it may resemble a futuristic children’s playground during the day (making it ideal for families) but you want to make sure to stick around at sunset when the dancing shadows and lights make this a true romantic hotspot to share with your love.


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