Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy!

b9228e0962a78b84f3d5d92f4faa000bWe are deep in the swing of the Holiday season and with Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us millions of men are asking the same question, what in the heck do we buy for that special woman on our list? My entire life I have been known for bad gift giving. It’s not like I don’t try. I research, ask questions, gauge interests … in short I spend time and money trying to find just the right thing but it has all been for naught. Sure I may have been guilty of the last minute gift purchase here and there but for the most part I have steered clear of the foot baths and chair massager cushions that are so popular this time of year. While I am on the subject forget “it’s the thought that counts” because if that was true then just thinking about getting your sweetheart something would suffice and there would be no need to actually buy anything and anyone who has ever given a crappy gift knows that “thought” isn’t earning you any brownie points.

So what do you do when you are blessed with the gift giving skills of a baboon but still want to surprise your squeeze this holiday season? You can take my former route and spend hours searching the Internet for just the right thing only to either buy something the wrong size, the wrong color or just all around wrong or you can take advantage of the Dream-Marriage holiday gift catalog. “Dream-Marriage holiday gift catalog” you say excitedly, barely able to contain your joy … “what is that and how do I use it”? Well I am glad you asked because we have made it easier than ever to surprise your special someone without all of the unnecessary worry. Simply click the gift icon underneath your ladies profile to visit the holiday catalog and choose from a wide range of items that are sure to make her holiday merrier. Call it cheating, call it a shortcut, call it whatever you want but remember this a good gift can warm up even the coldest Winter nights (wink wink).

Don’t think I have forgotten about those of you who haven’t yet found that one special Russian (or Ukrainian) beauty that deserves a little spoiling. Just because you haven’t met her yet doesn’t mean you have to spend the holidays alone. With the thousands of beautiful, single babes on Dream-Marriage each and every day your future bride could literally be at your fingertips! Take advantage of our 100% FREE FLIRT (limited offer I went on and on about a few weeks ago) and put yourself out there. You may not be smooching under the mistletoe with your lovely lady this Christmas Eve but it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome the New Year in style courtesy of Dream-Marriage video chat. Hurry because this free flirt offer will NOT last forever and you never want to leave a beautiful woman waiting!


Dream Marriage Date Hacks: 41 Tips and Tricks

Since we started writing the Dream-Marriage blog we have covered dozens of topics in hundreds of posts detailing the ins and outs of international dating, Russian/Ukrainian culture, tips, recipes, success stories and just about every topic related to finding and building love from afar. The following list is comprised of some of the questions we are commonly asked as well as some misconceptions we would like to clear up as well. Think of this as your Dream-Marriage cheat sheet (just don’t tell any of the girls that I gave it to you!).

Dream-Marriage Benefits and Features

1.    At any given time of the day there are thousands of women looking for love on Many women have found serious relationships and marriage by using our service and word has spread meaning our database grows exponentially each and every day. This also means that no matter where you are in the world there are bound to be members up looking to flirt, email, chat and more at all hours of the day.

2.    The number of eligible, attractive female members easily outnumbers the men, meaning guys have an almost unfair advantage when it comes to getting the attention of prospective partners. Maybe you have had some bad luck in the past but there is no bigger ego boost then getting an email from a woman who wouldn’t look at you twice stateside and having her pursue YOU!

3.    The ladies range in age from 18 to 50+ and come from a wide range of backgrounds. While there are bound to be cultural differences between yourself and a Dream-Marriage bombshell you may be surprised to find out how much you share in common as well. You like hip hop? You can find hundreds of girls who love it. You like classic cars and fishing? I’m sure we have dozens of women who love that too.  Are you really into Star Wars and your favorite food is macaroni and cheese? You will likely find at least a few women on the site who would be more than happy to dress up as your favorite wookie and whip you up a plate whenever you get the blue box blues.

4.    DREAM-MARRIAGE verifies the identity of every woman who joins the site and requires ladies to record a validation video. Once a girl enters a relationship or gets married they are removed from the site …. So consider every woman you see on your search single and ready to mingle.

5.    DREAM-MARRIAGE offers live video chat. Pictures are great and emails are amazing (remember when people used to send actual letters in the mail? Me neither) but there is nothing that compares to seeing your sweetie live, hearing her voice and making her smile … or cringe … whatever you’re into.

6.    Checkout our testimonials to read about some of the happy couples who met on DREAM-MARRIAGE. Notice anything? These are normal guys like you who decided to go “all in” and married gorgeous women they didn’t think they would have a chance with.

7.    DREAM-MARRIAGE regularly runs promotions offering discounts on credit packages, chat sessions, FREE video introductions, contests and more and we share this news with our clients through email. So ignore the joke of the day email forward your grandma sends you, the Nigerian scammer who has a lot of $$$$ for you sitting in an account and that message from your electric company with a final demand for payment (ok maybe don’t ignore that last one) but do not, I repeat do not miss out on an opportunity from DREAM-MARRIAGE because you were too busy to click on an email!


Myths About Russian Women and Russian Dating

8.    Traditional mail order brides no longer exist. No man can buy a wife and this term is actually considered to be quite offensive.

9.    Russian/Ukrainian women are intrigued by Western men, but they’re not dying to escape their home country so badly that they will marry just anyone. Yes the odds are heavily in your favor but still be a gentleman, be polite and treat her like a lady.

10.    All Russian women are not shy, submissive housewife types who are waiting to take your orders. Are some of them? Sure, but so are many American women right here in the states. If you are looking for a submissive slave to control you are about 150 years too late but I have heard you can download the plans for a working time machine online (Delorean not included).

11.    Russian women are not all “green card scammers” or gold diggers. There are women of every race, culture and creed who want money and a successful man to take care of them. This myth has been spread and popularized by western movies and television shows but is no more true than the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Eskimos …. Wait I have just been informed that Eskimos are in fact real (my apologies to any Eskimos I may have offended).

12.    Russian women do not all hate Russian men. Many Russian women will tell you the reason they do not like the men in Russia but I am sure you can also write a list of things you don’t like about women in your country as well.

13.    Russian men are not all abusive alcoholics who don’t know how to treat women. This is another one of those myths popularized by western movies and TV. Again there are some men in Russia who are guilty of this but there are men all over the world who are plagued by the same demons.

14.    A man’s looks and age do matter to Russian women to a certain degree. Notice I said to a certain degree? Being “long in the tooth”, out of shape, bald or ??? may get you shot down at the bar where romance is usually sparked by visual appeal but on Dream-Marriage you get to know your lady over time. No matter how you look make sure you are clean and presentable in your pictures and when you do video chat  you will want to make sure you do not appear to live in filth. Let her fall in love with who you are inside and the outside won’t matter near as much.

15.    Contrary to popular belief, the women on Russian dating sites won’t marry anyone who shows interest. Most of our girls are very selective and serious about finding a mate. They will usually spend hours searching and viewing member profiles looking for a guy that catches their attention. If you are contacted by a lady take the time to read her profile before messaging her back. Show her that you have an interest in getting to know her as well and that besides admiring her beauty you also have a desire to get to know her.

Things to Know About

16.    Dream-Marriage is a US based business that works with a network of agencies in Eastern Europe where female members go to correspond with Western men. Many of these girls do not have access to Internet nor could they afford the photos you see on the site so they use the agencies in order to make contact.

17.    Dream-Marriage has been in business since 2003 and has continued to grow, expand and innovate since our debut.

18.    Single women must be at least 18 years old to join DREAM-MARRIAGE. All ID’s are verified by our compliance team to make sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are.

19.    Even Though the ladies’ profiles are public on Dream-Marriage, the men’s profiles are kept private. This means that your dating remains private, safe and secure!

20.    We take scamming very seriously and will investigate any and all scammer complaints.

 About Russian and Ukrainian Women

21.    Russian women’s top five turn offs include cheating, perverts, disrespectful behavior, and arrogance. While several of those things may disqualify ME from getting a Russian bride the majority of you will be just fine. An abundance of arrogance or showing off is a major no-no with most of these women so save your boasting for your friends and that jerk you work with who is always trying to one up you.

22.    The top five turn ons for these women are a good sense of humor, manners, respect, intelligence, and self-confidence. So how are you self confident without being arrogant? I have no clue because I am too busy being awesome to figure it out.

23.    Women in Russia/Ukraine tend to marry and start families at a younger age than women in Western countries but this trend has been changing over the last few decades. It is not uncommon to find many drop dead gorgeous women on the site who are in their mid to late 30s, never married and with no children.

24.    The women of Russia and the Ukraine look for love abroad for a variety of reasons. Some would like a change of scenery and some would like to live in the places they only see on TV or in the movies. Others love the idea of meeting a romantic man from another country who will sweep them off their feet … there are literally thousands of reasons women join and in our 11+ years we have heard them all.

25.    These women are not just interested in meeting men from America. We have had women marry men from Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary … the list goes on and on.

26.    Many Russian women are open to a relationship with an older man, though there are limits. Sure love doesn’t see color , age, etc but if you are old enough to be her dads dad then you are probably going to be too old for her.

27.    While the majority of women on DREAM-MARRIAGE are young and want to start a family, not every lady wants children. You can actually search based off if a woman has children, wants children later or does not want children. Be honest with yourself … she may be hot but if she has 2 kids will you want to take on that responsibility? Or maybe she doesn’t want kids at all and you have your heart set on touring the country with your band comprised entirely of your 12 children … chances are good you would not be a match. If you have a clear idea of what you want and you communicate that with any lady you talk to then your chances of finding love will increase dramatically.

28.    Many of the ladies use flowery, romantic language that may seem over the top to a Westerner. It probably seems sappy to you but this is common in many other countries. Our once beautiful language may have degraded to “what up dude” and “hit me up” but romance is still very much alive in other parts of the world.

General Tips and Advice

29.    Profile pictures matter. Avoid posting photos that are old, unflattering, or of a generally poor quality. Your profile picture is the first thing she will see about you and if you are serious about finding your dream Russian woman than make sure your picture shows you in your best light.

30.    Don’t lie! This includes embellishments about age, salary, interests, etc. Lying to impress girls may have been acceptable in middle school but you’re an adult now. If she doesn’t have an interest in who you really are then move on.

31.    Be polite and respectful at all times. This one kind of speaks for itself but unfortunately it is something that has to be said.

32.    Don’t send or request nude photos. This goes along with being polite and respectful and the realization that this is NOT a hookup site. These are real ladies and should be treated as such.

33.    Keep the first message short and sweet. Don’t spill your life story in the first email and scare her off. Also don’t bash your ex or complain about women in your country. Talk about her and what it was that made you HAVE to message her.

34.    Don’t propose marriage in the first email! Yes I see it all the time. No better way to scare your beauty off then by proposing marriage based off of her profile picture. These women are searching for serious companionship and love … not 5 minute marriage proposals.

35.    Don’t propose a visit in the first email. See #34 above …. Get to know her first before making any plans that are this grand. You will either seem like you are desperate or like someone filling their heads with big promises. When in doubt play it cool.

36.    Give a relationship time to progress. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Just like you have to build a loving, strong relationship when you first meet someone in person you will have to do the same thing online.

37.    Show interest in a lady’s language, country, and culture. She will be interested in yours and will have plenty of questions …. If you don’t have any for her it may show that you are not truly interested in her outside of her physical appearance. Hint: It is ALWAYS fun to discuss myths and misconceptions about where you live.

38.    Don’t be put off by introduction letters that seem vague. As I said earlier thanks to our ratio being “backwards” with far more women than men these ladies often search for hours on the site looking for eligible men. You on the other hand will open your email and have dozens of messages from ladies hoping to catch your eye. Your initial introduction may be short but follow-up letters will be much longer as you being regular correspondence.

39.    If you’re stuck in a rut, try expanding your search and reaching out to different women. Just because you started out talking to one woman doesn’t mean you have to stick with her. Sometimes things don’t work out and when the attraction wears off you realize you don’t have as much in common as you thought you did. There are a lot of fish in the sea so don’t be afraid to throw your line back out there!

40.    Don’t try to respond to every email or chat request you receive, you will go insane. Seriously … unless you are jobless and have a couple of guys on staff that will help you respond to these things you just can’t do it. Find the ones that interest you the most, check out their profiles and send them a message. After that just wait for the replies to flood in.

41.    This one is easy … have fun. You have some of the most beautiful women in the world vying for your attention. It’s like being on one of those reality dating shows but without all the added drama. Enjoy the ride and who knows … you may just find your hot Russian bride on Dream-Marriage!

Russian Bride of the Day, Anastasia of Kherson

Yes, as is the case with most good things, that streak of girls hailing from Dnepropetrovsk has come to an end. However, today’s featured single is definitely well worth the disruption. Dreamers, meet Анастасия:

“I prefer to achieve my goals. And I will do my best always! My most desirable dream is to meet my man. I cannot live without my special one. I am in my search now and I hope I will find you soon.”

The lovely creature presented before you today is a Saggitarius from another stop along the way, Kherson. If you’re not into the whole astrological thing, Anastasia is a 25 year old operations manager of a beauty salon.

“It’s a pity that I have never been abroad, but I hope we can discover this world together! What do you think?”

Although she has never left the Ukrainian borders, she dreams of one day filling up her passport with stamps from around the world. In the meantime, she enjoys road tripping to the coasts of the Black Sea in the summer. Here’s hoping she finds a suitable travel buddy in the Dream Marriage international dating community.

What’s In A Name:

You can learn more about our 5’7 raven-haired Russian bride with emerald green eyes by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Just click either of the photos in this post and you should be redirected. You can also use her ID number 2457457 to narrow your search just as well. If you’re in need of ice breaker or something to talk about, I’d say your best bet is travel. Good luck!

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Vladlena of Dnepropetrovsk, our Russian Bride of the Day

So far this week, the oblast of Dnepropetrovsk has dominated two of our last three headlines. Here to keep that streak going is today’s featured single Владлена:

“With all these qualities I am a dreamer, who believes that miracles still occur in our life…Actually, I enjoy many things in life and I try to be positive to them all.” 

It is that kind of positively charged energy that separates one pretty face from the next. At just 27 years of age, Vladlena still has the spunk of a 19 year old, citing dancing as her ultimate passion - “Nobody on the face of this ear can stop my from moving my feet to the music. That would be like trying to stop a natural disaster.” - whoa, see what I mean!?

What’s In A Name:

That excerpt alone should tell you Vladlena not only has a way with words, but also a way about  her. Blessed with the dreamiest emerald green eyes, you’re absolutely helpless in her gaze as her zest for life consumes you. Our raven black-haired Russian bride-to-be also happens to speak English fairly well to boot.

Mingle With Singles Using Voice Chat

You’d never guess either, but Vladlena is an engineer – even more reason not to judge a book by its cover. Speaking of which, it’s about time you dug deeper than this blog post and discover more about Vladlena. Click either of the photos in this post and you will be redirected to her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network.


Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day, Julia of Dnepropetrovsk

Today’s featured single is a class act from the Ukrainian oblast of Dnepropetrovsk. Dreamers, meet the Dream Marriage Russian Bride of the Day Юлия:

“I am cheerful young lady who is ready for serious relations. I like to smile and laugh all the time!I think life is too short to spend it boring.”

Don’t let the smart glasses fool you. Julia is a fun-loving girl, who is madly in love with sports. Don’t get me wrong either. She is quite the intellectual too. To earn her way through college, Julia has made some decent money as a tutor.

What’s In A Name:

Our soon-t0-be 24 year old Bride of the Day is quite the physical specimen. Both athletic and effeminate, Julia is a 5’9 blonde bombshell who is just as comfortable wearing a cocktail dress as she is in golfer gear. From the sound of her profile, Julia is the ideal girl for someone, who enjoys living an active life. In fact, that is exactyl what she is looking for in a potential suitor.

Looks alone, Julia is every guy’s type, but it is her interests and hobbies that really make her especially unique. You learn more about today’s featured single by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. By simply clicking either of the photos included in this post, you should be automatically redirected over to her page.

NOTE: Only registered members can access profile pages on Dream Marriage. For those of you not already registered, just click the banner below and follow those three easy steps.


Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Anna of Poltava

Good Monday morning, dreamers. Before you sink into your usual routine of Monday mourning, we found someone who would very much like to meet you. Introducing today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community, Анна:

“From the first sight it can seem that I am rather shy, but you need to get to know me better if you want to see all my good qualities and find out that I am nice.”

Meeting new people can be a daunting task when you’re shy by nature. Being that Anna is new to Dream Marriage, we thought we’d do her a solid by making her our Russian Bride of the Day. This is a message to all you single guys out there – Anna wants to meet YOU!

What’s In A Name:

At just 26 years young, Anna is currently making her way through grad school as she makes strides towards embarking on her career in economics. Physically, she is quite easy on the eyes as you may have noticed. Her hazel eyes and her flowing brown hair frame her pretty chiseled face. She is truly a sight to behold, is she not?

Her Hometown:
The Small Petersburg – Poltava

She speaks three different languages well enough – Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Log into your profiles and test her proficiency yourself. Granted, the entire Dream Marriage site is outfitted with translation software, but nothing beats one-on-one conversation. Just click either of the photos in this post and you will be whisked away to Anna’s personal profile page. Good luck!

10 Years of Turning Dreams Into Reality

Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Victoria of Donetsk

…and so ends the first week of June. Closing out the first round of Russian Brides of the Day is today’s featured single, Виктория:

“I am also very dreamy person and I deeply believe that our dreams can come true. We just need to do everything possible for that and never lose hope!”

Being that Dream Marriage has been in the business of turning dreams into reality for the past ten years, Victoria definitely joined the right international dating community. The 24 year old designer/decorator from the romantic city of Donetsk is new to Dream Marriage so what better way to make a splash in our dating pool than being named our Russian Bride of the Day.

What’s In A Name:

Some of you may be a bit off-put by Victoria’s raven black hair. Granted, she lists herself as a blonde on her profile, but girls tend to change their look at a whim. It is instances like this where we encourage leary members to utilize the video format to confirm certain Russian brides’ identities in the event where too many liberties may have been taken.

“Live Streaming Video vs. Video Clips”

Discover more of today’s featured single by clicking either of the photos included in this post. You will be redirected to Victoria’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. She’s new to our community so do the neighborly thing and make the first move – introduce yourself. Have a great weekend, dreamers. See you first thing Monday morning.


Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Irina of Nikolaev

Today’s featured single doesn’t have the luxury of time to indulge in acquired tastes. She knows what she wants and she wants it now! Dreamers, meet our Russian Bride of the Day Ирина:

“I want to find my love, to have the simple woman happiness, with lots of joyful moments and eternal happiness. Is it possible, I wonder?”

Wonder no more, little lady, you have come to the right place…hopefully. Irina is but one of the few fresh faces added to the Dream Marriage international dating community on a weekly basis. She also happens to be our second Russian Bride of the Day in a row to hail from Red Pieter of Ukraine, Nikolaev. So just who is Irina?!

What’s In A Name:

What you see before you is a divorcee, who at just 33 years young has a graduates degree as well as a career as a professional designer to her name, but no children. At 5’8, Irina could very well model the same clothes she designs, but instead she chooses to spend what little time she has maintaining the temple that is her body and travelling.

“Cultural Taboos In Russian Speaking Countries”

Discover more about our Russian Bride of the Day by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. You can use her ID number 446681 to pinpoint her profile in your search or you can just click either of the photos in this post, which should take you directly to her page.

Once you get to her page, however, take the initiative and be the first one to reach out. Irina is new to our international dating community so do the neighborly (ahem, manly too), and introduce yourself first, that is unless you just want to be another face in the crowd then by all means, do nothing…


Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Julia of Nikolaev

How about a piece of Pisces to go with your hump day, dreamers. Introducing today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community, Юлия:

“My soul mate should be kind and attentive to me, sincere, open-hearted, sensitive and understanding but with a strong character, a real man. I would like him to be a gentleman in what he does and in the way he thinks.”

At just 31 years young, our Russian Bride of the Day is yet another accomplished millennial with a graduate’s degree notched in her belt. A resident of the Red Pieter of Ukraine, Nikolaev, Julia earns a living in finance. When she’s not working however, Julia enjoys an active life as a weekend warrior, exercising in the morning and exploring during the day.

What’s In A Name:

She, too, is taller than your average-fare fair maiden. The 5’7 brown-eyed brunette bride from Nikolaev falls just short of yesterday’s featured single, Lilia, but she’s more woman than most of us will ever need. She’s sweet; she’s smart; she’s good with money; and she’s quite beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?

“Nothing Like the Love of a Good. Russian. Woman.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to log in and introduce yourself to Julia. Send her a message; invite her to chat; or send her a flirt even. Just get on her radar and let her know you are interested. If the feeling is mutual, she will connect with you online first and the perhaps you two may meet later on offline, like the dreamers in our Love Stories.

Visit Julia’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network simply by clicking either of the images included in this post. You should be redirected automatically. It should be noted however, that only registered members may access other member profiles so if you have not already…



Dream Marriage’s Russian Bride of the Day, Lilia of Kiev

Every now and then we managed to find a bride-to-be, who reminds you to never judge a book by its cover, particularly when it comes to guessing someone’s age. Dreamers, meet today’s featured single from the Dream Marriage international dating community, Лилия:

“I want him to have the capacity to love and care, to give himself to his only woman and to treat love as the greatest gift.”

So we before we throw you the loop, we’ll set you up with a few tidbits about our Russian Bride of the Day. She has never been married nor has she had any kids. Although the photo might not show it, but Lilia is also a jaw-dropping 5’10 tall, which makes for much upkeep considering she is also a fitness model to boot. Obviously, this is all details given to you from a first glance. What you learn next is much more than just icing on the cake.

What’s In A Name:

Believe it or not, Lilia will be celebrating her 35th birthday this coming August. This ageless wonder is no newb when it comes to dating. She is through with the games and only looking to date older, mature men (between the ages of 36-60). You can learn a little more about Lilia by visiting her personal profile page and checking out her likes, hobbies, and ideal men.

“Send Her A Message”

Obviously asking Lilia questions directly would teach you a lot more than reading words on a screen; however, visiting her profile page gives you a scouting report more or less. There’s no need for hesitation. This is an online dating network. Singles are on here to meet other singles with the intention of partnering up. Click either of her photos in this post and you’ll be redirected to Lilia’s page. Send her a message introducing yourself and see where things progress from there. Good luck, dreamers!